Accepting a compliment gracefully!

BusinessWomensShoes… it’s not as easy as you think because for some reason women seem to be hard-wired to be self-deprecating.

I have a pretty pair of spotted low-heeled shoes. Whenever someone admires them I automatically say “Six quid Brighton market”.

Why? Why can’t I simply say “Thank you”? I don’t know and I still say this even though I am more aware than most about how ridiculous that sounds.

Maybe it’s something in our DNA which sets us out to be supplicants or perhaps we are trying to be modest.  But again, why?

I try hard to persuade my networkers to say a mere “thank you” to compliments .. so we are all trying to change.

Please click on to this link to laugh at our foibles … it’s a short comedy sketch but with a serious message:

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