Act4Growth Call Out | One million starts with one, that one is you!

Ladies this is our “Call to Action“ for women to help women in business across Europe, and beyond.

My name is Madi Sharma, a UK entrepreneur and UK member of the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels.  As an active entrepreneur who has succeeded, failed and succeeded, I know that being a woman in business is not easy! I know I also have a responsibility to drive change to make it easier for others coming behind me.

I have begun a European Citizens Initiative, a legal instrument set up to enable citizens of the EU to have a voice. We have called it Act4Growth.  We know that 4 pieces of policy, ‘The Women Business Owners Bill’, were put in place in the USA in 1988 and doubled the number of female entrepreneurs across 10 years. We want the same policies for Europe.

This is not a gender issue, this is an economic imperative. Female entrepreneurs are an economic resource of jobs, wealth creation and innovation. They are an untapped economic potential essential to helping Europe exit the crisis. In the USA women in business created the most number of new jobs and small enterprises since the start of the crisis.

To achieve our goal of changing policy to support and promote female entrepreneurs we have to collect 1 million signatures from across Europe – signatures from men and women!

We need you to help us by signing at . But don’t stop there ….please ask friends and family to sign also and share the information with your networks.  And if you would really like to actively help us then we are also collecting signatures on paper and can send you the forms for your country.

This is not a petition, this is a legal framework established by the European Commission to enable citizens to influence policy.  The data collected on the EU Commission website is therefore official proof of person and in some countries requires ID/passport details. All the information is confidential and secure.

Gandhi says

“You must be the change you want to see”

Madi says

“You must be the change you want to see – no excuses!”

Thank you for supporting growth, jobs and innovation, especially those created by women in business.   

Twitter: @Act4Growth

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