Adidas trainers go Schwing: Oh, for the wings, for the wings of a shoe…

I flirted with buying them, but they were expensive, so I postponed my purchase until I was feeling more flush. Then, disaster struck. Jedward, the Irish twins who were the comedy turn on The X Factor in 2009 did a number wearing them. Nooooooo! Two tall-haired idiots stole my trainers.

My love for the winged  sneaks never went away, so when I received an email from the VA shop ( extolling the virtues of its new arrivals for spring, I was given a second chance.

One of the products available is a pair of neon yellow Schwings, two detachable wings that fit on to the laces of any trainers. A pair cost £10, less than Jeremy Scott’s sublime creations. But just as I felt I was (about to be) walking on air, I saw that they’re not available until next month. I hope Jedward haven’t already snapped them up.

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