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start a new life Successful individuals = Successful organisations

Since 1995 Aegle have been assisting professional individuals to achieve their career goals and companies find the most suitable successful individuals for their team.

Our passion and motivation is driven by a desire to see people succeed in their chosen career.

Success breeds happiness which leads to success.

We specialise in supporting and empowering individuals to achieve absolute job satisfaction

Search & Recruitment

If you are seeking to further your career, you want to use a company that understands the need for discretion. As career consultants we will work with you to determine what you really have to offer a prospective employer; by using our contacts and knowledge we shall discretely approach them on your behalf to arrange a meeting, which should culminate in a job offer.

If you are an employer you want to talk to people who understand your need in finding the right person who will fit in with your company’s ethos and ways. Employing staff is not just about perceived skills, it is about the right fit.


Aegle offer help and guidance to organisations that have to implement a redundancy programme, we will ensure all staff that are affected by redundancy are given the best opportunity in finding new employment by putting them through our Beyond Outplacement Programme.

The right outplacement programme can help reduce the risk from litigation and can help the company’s future productivity.

Career development

Aegle’s career development programme takes you through a journey to discover the what talents and skills you really have to offer a future employer or whether it is time for you to do something entirely different.

Our unlockURpotential programme takes you through a steep learning curve of self-discovery making you more confident and aware of what you are capable of and what your true value is in the market. Ultimately it will lead to a better home/work lifestyle and a more enjoyable future.

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