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Agape Gottage

Agape Cottage is the perfect place to reflect, recharge and recreate at every season.

Be nourished. Be nurtured. Be loved

A stay at Agape Cottage gives you the opportunity to relax, rest and the freedom to be yourself. To feel safe, encouraged and understood. You get space to gain clarity, certainty and new perspectives.

The moment you arrive at Agape Cottage you are cocooned in a luxurious environment where you are nourished, nurtured and loved…where all your physical, emotional and spiritual needs are taken care of.

You can spend time on your own or with me; you can relax in the hot tub, chill in the hammock; go for walks in the countryside. When the evening comes the cottage is lit up by candles, twinkle lights and a log fire. You can sit under the night sky listening to the sounds of nature or a choice of music singing from the trees.

I have created Agape Cottage purely out of love and my passion to transform and empower women to live a more healthy life. The Cottage is a sacred space to recharge, reflect and recreate. I am known for leaving women feeling recharged, reconnected and valued.

Packages available:

The Time Out Package is perfect for when you need to recharge! A 24 hour stay at Agape Cottage includes full use of all facilities. You can spend time relaxing in the hot tub and hammock, go for walks in the countryside and catch up on your favourite book or just lounge around watching movies in front of the log burner. You may also want to use this time and space to explore your creativity or catch up on a long forgotten hobby.

A full Indian head or aromatherapy full body massage, food, juices, refreshments and a quality bottle of wine are part of the package. Arrive early evening for dinner, wake up at your own leisure the following day and leave whenever you are ready.

The Matters of the Heart is perfect if you are going through a life changing transition and in need of guidance and support in resolving your personal difficulties with a professional.A 48 hour stay In the safe and sacred space of Agape Cottage, where you will be nurtured and supported in a unique way of counselling that takes place naturally at your own rhythm without pressure, for as many hours needed over your forty-eight hours. You will also receive an Indian head or a healing aromatherapy massage, meditation and healthy vibrant foods each day. There is no better way to gain a clear sense of direction and perspective renewing your mind, body and spirit.

The Health Detox Package is perfect if you are in need of an MOT. A three, five or seven day detox includes unlimited juices, herbal teas and water a day. Indian head and aromatherapy massage, meditation, counselling around your relationship with food and yourself daily and walks in the countryside.

The Health Detox at Agape Cottage will transform your well being leaving you feeling alive, positive, vibrant and with a programme to support your ongoing healthy living.

Sharon-AgatesAbout Sharon

I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist with certification and extensive experience in human dynamics, cellular healing, stress management, Juice nutrition, aromatherapy and Indian head massage.


Her truthful forthright manner made it easy for me to trust in her judgement added to this her natural ability to show sensitivity and allow me to grieve the loss of my mum demonstrated the strength of her vision and passion.

Sharon knows how to take care of women. She’s down to earth, kind and wise. She made me laugh out loud! Best of all she left me feeling nurtured and at peace. I returned to work re-energised and with absolute clarity on my next steps.

I spent a weekend of utter bliss. I felt totally nurtured and full of gratitude for all the details and care. The food, the beautiful homely cottage, the hammock in the woods ending with a healing and relaxing massage which was the cherry on top! Thank you Sharon for creating such a divine and sacred space to rest and re-energise.

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