Agenda: Topman; Gamu Nhenghu; Feast; My Mad Fat Diary; Haim

There’s no greater marker of the rise of British menswear over the past decade than the evolution of Topman – once a store offering 50 varieties of combat trouser, now synonymous with forward-thinking-but-affordable style. Its latest move is its new Lux collection, a modern eveningwear range (T-shirts from £25, suits from £300) featuring the cobalt three-piece above alongside everything from bomber jackets to document holders. Launches 7 March,

Face to watch: Gamu Nhenghu

The young singer was notoriously dumped from the 2010 series of The X Factor at Judges’ Houses, but may prove there is life after reality TV yet: her debut single “Shake the Room”, released 14 March, is a snappy retro-soul number

App watch: Tamagotchi

The latest product of the burgeoning 1990s revival is this Android update of the pet-simulator-cum-former schoolyard standard. As before, you must work to ensure your cutesy alien is suitably loved, fed and watered, while keeping it from death by suffocation in a pile of its own faeces. Free from Google Play

Lexpionage: Mantelist, n.

A brave but foolhardy person who chooses a public platform to pronounce on a previously irreproachable public figure who also happens to be a possible future queen. See also, Morrissey

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Harry Styles, Alison Moyet, Stephen Mangan, Henry Winkler

1. Deep Heat in my eye. GAAAHHHH

2. Ok now …. Cool defined … Being on the plane with jack white …. Oh yes

3. Only 3 years until I can renew my passport and change that photo.

4. Busy? Not so much. Want to go to the pictures? On our own? Yeah, why not? Can’t be arsed.

Answer at the bottom of the page

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about…

Food: Feast

Book now for this Docklands festival celebrating London’s food scene with hot new restaurants and street-food stars from Rita’s Dining to Bone Daddies and Pizza Pilgrims. 7 to 10 March,

DVD: My Mad Fat Diary

This comedy-drama about a 16-year-old dealing with mental illness and social insecurity was one of E4’s finest commissions – and you can catch up with the first series on DVD when it’s released tomorrow

Music: Haim

The sisterly soft-rock trio may have topped this year’s BBC Sound of… poll, but their new single, the dreamy “Falling”, suggests they may just rise above such ominous hype-generation. Have a listen here:

Match the tweet: 1. Harry Styles; 2. Henry Winkler; 3. Stephen Mangan; 4. Alison Moyet

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