Coach: Alison Charles | Corporate Coach

Corporate Coach Alison Charles is a transformational Change Coach, Corporate Coach, Entrepreneur, Trainer, Writer, Speaker, Senior Corporate Project Manager and Singer.

When you meet Corporate Coach Alison you will quickly understand she is a person that has really experienced life to the full.  As a child she was paralysed by chronic shyness. She was at the back of the queue when they handed out courage. Overcoming her shyness means Alison is now able to do something that totally eluded her – present in public.  Having overcome her fear she now absolutely loves being in front of an audience.

In her youth she used to get lost in the world of books, she was captivated by the characters of Enid Blyton.   People teased her about this and told her she looked at life through “rose tinted spectacles”, now people everywhere value her optimism.

As an adult Alison realises that her talent also comes from valuing playfulness. She understands the importance of the freedom you have as a child, to be happy and carefree. Having the ability to reconnect with her childlike essence allows her to bring a sense of fun and humour to her events.

As an ex military service woman Alison is used to multi tasking, delivering under stress and thinking on her feet.

On a personal level she gives her time to supporting women’s groups like Soroptomist and also coaches and mentors internationally to guide individuals to personal empowerment.

Alison is a trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy ®.  She is working to introduce NLP techniques into the Corporate World to achieve even greater success for both the individual and the business.

To find out how Alison can assist you call +44 (0) 20 3290 3157 or visit her website

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