Almost half of British women have been patronised at work

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Image via Shutterstock

Almost half of British women have been patronised at work, according to a new study.

The research, commissioned by Crunch Accounting, found that 41 per cent of women in the UK experience patronising behaviour within the workplace. The study also found that one in ten were feeling patronised within their current role.

Women aged 25 to 34 encountered this issue the most with 49 per cent saying they had been patronised. This contrast with 44 per cent of 18 to 24 year olds; 36 per cent aged 35 to 44; 38 per cent aged 45 to 54 and 39 per cent of Baby Boomers.

The survey also found that women in East Anglia faced patronising comments most often, while women in the South East suffered the least.

Justine Cobb, operations director at Crunch, said, “The corporate world has come a long way in terms of equality but it would be naïve to assume gender discrimination and patronising behaviour is a thing of the past.”

“Given such experiences in the workplace, it’s no surprise there’s a growing number of women choosing to start their own businesses instead.”

“With more female world leaders taking centre stage and gender issues being discussed and shared more openly, let’s hope such attitudes and behaviour soon become non-existent.”

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