An Elite Performance Coaching strategy to Increase your Professional Performance Level (Part 3)

MP900289276Skyrocket Your Energy Level with The Recovery Points Program

It is impossible to charge forward at full speed 24/7 without your system in some shape or form breaking down and saying ‘enough’. If you are over-worked and under-performing, your body might send you a message that it needs some attention by coming down with the flu and forcing you to days of bed-rest. Or you might get injured. Maybe your relationships with your loved ones will undergo strain as you regularly feel depleted and have less and less energy to devote to activities outside of work. The Recovery Points Program is a system to keep you on track and ensure that you do a variety of activities each week that support your need to recover, renew and recharge. The result will be an increase in your professional performance level without having to spend any more hours in the office.

Here’s how it works:

The goal of the Recovery Points Program is to accumulate a minimum of 100 points every week.

For one of my clients, Amelia, I have put together the following points program:

Activity Recovery Points Value
60 mins Elite Performance Yoga 40
Thai Massage 28
5 hours of uninterrupted quality sleep for 5 nights a week 25
15 minutes Easy Inversion Pose 15
Leisurely walk 14
6 min meditation 6

To make her 100 points minimum at the end of the week Amelia might do one Elite Performance Yoga Coaching session with me, ensure she gets 5 hours a night of uninterrupted quality sleep 5x a week, do the Easy Inversion Pose 1x week and meditate at least 4 days a week for 6 minutes at a time.

Of course, this program can be adapted according to your needs. If you find swimming therapeutic, for example, then add that to your recovery program and allocate points accordingly. I go through this process in detail when working with clients in person so that each individual walks away with a personalized points program in place that supports them in recovery rather than reinforcing the habits that hinder them. Essentially, you want to have a system in place that will ensure that you take time out do the things that will keep you aligned, vibrant and focused. Some activities will be easier than others but doing enough of the most appropriate ones for your lifestyle so that you accumulate at least 100 points each week requires scheduling these activities into the week. Without the system in place, for most of us, other tasks on our action list will get in the way and we will fail to follow through.

Author Bio:

leena patel 2013- V 2Leena Patel is the founder and lead facilitator of Elite Performance Coaching; an experiential integration program combining Yoga with cutting edge tools in Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and other modalities to align your body, mind and spirit, and accelerate your performance level for deeper professional impact. Visit for more information.

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