An employer to an employer | The do’s and don’ts of the Christmas party

Christmas party

When you think of Christmas, what are the first things that you think of?

Family, pigs in blankets and enjoyable gifts, or rowdy-Christmas parties that always end in disaster?

Here is some of the best advice that you can have when it comes to hosting a Christmas party, with some tips from great business leaders.

DO provide alcohol alternatives

You need to remember that not everyone drinks alcohol and some people would prefer a soft drink. Ensure that there is a good mix of both for your employees.

Gareth Morgan, MD of Liberty Marketing commented on this by saying, ““A big mistake that I’ve seen a number of employers make is assuming that everyone drinks alcohol. Even if you’ve seen someone drink at a company event before, double check whether they will be drinking this Christmas as their circumstances may have changed since the last time they touched a drink. Whether they have given up the booze for religious, dietary, health or even social reasons, you don’t want to risk insulting them or tempting them back to something they are actively trying to avoid

DON’T over post on social media

If your company has an Instagram account, then make sure that only one photo is uploaded to show that you’re off celebrating festivities. You should make it clear to staff that they can’t post on the account after a few drinks due to spelling mistakes, inappropriate content and general spam – all of which could tarnish your brand’s online reputation.

DO check dietary requirements beforehand

Dietary requirements should be checked well before the event, if you’re providing food. Many staff many have severe allergies, intolerances or may not be able to eat certain foods due to religious reasons.

“I always ensure that dietary requirements are given to me well before organising the event, or letting the restaurant know. It would be a shame for a member of staff to miss out on something just because an employer didn’t make the effort to check what they can or can’t eat” says Ben Lloyd, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Pure Commercial Finance.

DO advise staff to watch their alcohol consumption

Most members of staff will see the Christmas party as a chance to have a few drinks with their colleagues, although, some may drink a little too much. It is important to advise your staff that they shouldn’t drink too much, after all, it is your brand and company that it will reflect.

DON’T force employees to attend

Employees shouldn’t feel pressured to attend the Christmas party, if they don’t want to come or they have other plans, then you shouldn’t hold a grudge or treat them any differently for not coming.

Employment law solicitor at Howells Solicitors, Nayo Kirkpatrick,  says, “There may be many reasons as to why an employee cannot attend the party, such as religious reasons or childcare responsibilities. It is up to the employer to invite their staff, but in no way should they put pressure on their attendance.”

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This post has been written by Paul Hunter, Marketing Manager at Liberty Marketing; Wales’ largest specialist digital marketing agency with experts in PPC, SEO and content.

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