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Pwc Insight FeatureInterview with Imogen Shacklock, Recruitment Diversity & Inclusion Leader at PwC

The working day is changing dramatically. People no longer need to commute to their desk and work a 9am-5pm day and commute home. The advances of technology have made this traditional way of working a thing of the past.

Some businesses are recognising that their employees work better and are more productive when they are able to work in a manner that is conducive to them and their lives. Flexible and agile working solutions are now adopted in some form or another by most organisations.

By offering a range of “non-traditional” flexible and agile working solutions, businesses can attract a wider talent pool and reach out to different individuals who potentially hadn’t realised themselves, they could work in this way.

PwC have done just that. I interviewed Imogen Shacklock a PwC Recruitment Diversity specialist about the roll out of their Flexible Talent Network. Here is an overview of the interview.

What is PwC’s Flexible Talent Network (FTN)?

A trial of a new way of working whereby PwC employ individuals for certain periods of the year, deemed “busy periods”. During those periods individuals are in full time employment and entitled to all of the benefits a PwC employee gets, including full technical training and regular updates on business changes. When that period is over they are free to do whatever they want!

How it works?

PwC employ individuals for a minimum of 100 days, spread over a 4-6 month period, across Audit and Tax, on a timetable that suits them. Individuals are recruited to do a specific role, based on the current business needs. The team or project they are assigned to, is dependent on availability.

Who this appeals to?

Everyone and anyone but there are a few groups of people that might be more interested than others:

• Parents that want to work during term time and have the summer holidays off
• Entrepreneurs setting up a business that need to supplement their ventures with flexible work
• Individuals who want to travel for some of the year and work for others
• Semi-retired or retired individuals that fancy working for a couple of months of the year to keep their skills sharp
• Seasonal workers who have down periods and want to supplement it with work
• Volunteers

Who is eligible?

The initial roll out is being trialled within the Tax and Audit teams in the UK and the US at senior associate level (the level just below management).

Individuals need relevant experience within either tax or audit and have to hold a full accounting qualification (ACA, ACCA, CTA or equivalent). Full training on PwC methodology and systems is provided.

Why are PwC engaging a Flexible Talent Network?

The senior leaders at PwC are dedicated to moving the flexible working agenda forward. By creating new, innovative schemes such as the FTN the business can engage with a passive, underutilised and under-appreciated market of individuals with great skills and abilities.

It also broadens the range of talent the business attracts and as it is offered to current staff, it can aid retention of those individuals who might leave to set up their own business or be getting ready to retire, or wanting a better work/life balance etc.

Are there any worries that individuals within the Flexible Working Network won’t feel part of the team as they are only working for certain periods within the year?

No. The way these departments work is project based, so individuals will work with different individuals for different projects and/or clients. Individuals who are part of the FTN are no different to anyone else within that team other than they finish their full time work at the end of the project.

Individuals that are part of the FTN have access to all of PwC’s e-learning material alongside events and business and/or market updates that every other employee has access to.
For more information on the Flexible Talent Network please click here.

The recruitment for the first trial has been completed however if you are interested in the FTN please get in contact with [email protected] for an informal discussion or alternatively email me at [email protected] and we can speak further about it.

You can also register your interest here and be contacted when new roles become available.

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