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Synopsis of Role

The role reports into the Treasurer with responsibility for:

• Assist in the preparation of the monthly ALCO pack and attending the meetings as required; acting as minute taker and agreeing the minutes with committee members

• Assist in the management of Interest Management, in particular the refinement/streamlining of the debit/credit interest processes

• Oversee the production of the daily Liquidity and Cash reports (predominantly produced by the off-shore team)

• Assist in the preparation and maintenance of the Individual Liquidity Adequacy Assessment (“ILAA”) and related regulatory disclosure information and liquidity stress test scenarios for the firm

• Assist in placing client cash/ Firm cash at banks and ensure revenue optimisation from Client cash balances (CFM) and Firms cash (NII).

• Assist in all other Treasury related activities, including the monitoring of fails, overdrafts, funding facilities, margin calls/TT/stock loan/borrow positions/warehousing positions, together with Pershing’s liquidity position, as required

• Ongoing development and automation/streamlining of Treasury processes and management information

Key Responsibilities

Daily-to-day responsibilities
a) Prepare the daily liquidity report, including failed trades analysis
b) Support the Treasurer in monitoring funding facility/overdraft utilisation, working with cash management to ensure usage is optimised
c) Working with Interest Management, Cash Management and Settlements to ensure clients are appropriately charged.
d) Monitor stock loan/borrow, warehousing, margin, TT positions to ensure they are maintained within our risk appetite tolerances and funding is optimised.
e) Assist the Treasurer in CFM deposit placements
f) Assist in the preparation of the daily cash management MI pack
g) Prepare monthly ALCO presentation pack
h) Attend ALCO, act as ALCO minute taker, agree minutes with ALCO members, assist in the follow-up of outstanding actions
i) Assist in the preparation of the quarterly liquidity stress tests
j) Assist in the annual update of the ILAA, liquidity policy, capital management policy as required.
k) Assist in all Treasury matters, as required, including ad-hoc analysis of funding, liquidity, capital positions
l) Analyse, suggest and, where approved, implement improvements to all Treasury processes, working with and utilising the firm’s multi-location strategy.


To build and maintain:

• Appropriate skills and expertise as required for the role including an accounting and/or treasury qualification.

• A good understanding of liquidity risks in the industry and the ability to model risks and present in the Internal Liquidity Adequacy Assessment submissions

• A good understanding of Nexus

• A strong interest in constant process improvement and automation by developing automated solutions to enable better quality MI to enable business decisions

• A working knowledge of changes in the market and to products, legislation and regulation.


• Be able to demonstrate and maintain the necessary competence to discharge the responsibilities of the role, including achieving a good standard of ethical behaviour and (if required) attained each module of an appropriate qualification.

• To uphold the 11 FSA Principles for Business and to actively encourage a culture of compliance throughout the firm.

Generic Staff Responsibilities

• Comply with all BNY Mellon and Pershing corporate policies and procedures, including HR policies and procedures, applicable to Pershing.

• Alert management immediately of any significant changes to business risks and internal control effectiveness.

• Notify management and/or the Chief Compliance Officer immediately on discovery of any material regulatory breach.

• Comply with all Security and Health & Safety policies and procedures operating within the business.

Shared Values and Core Competencies


• Client Focus: demonstrates clear understanding of importance of effective customer service, internally and externally.

• Trust: evidences high standards of integrity and openness.

• Teamwork: demonstrates ability to work effectively as a member of a team, a collaborative style, and understands the value of diversity.

• Outperformance: evidences the ability to exceed expectations of others.
Core Competencies

• Building Organizational Talent: Evaluating and selecting internal and external talent to ensure the best match between the individual and the work requirements. Provides timely coaching, guidance and feedback to help others maximize their potential and meet key accountabilities.

• Change Leadership: Encouraging others to seek opportunities for different and innovative approaches to addressing problems and opportunities; facilitating the implementation and acceptance of change.

• Client Orientation: Cultivates client relationships and ensures that the client perspective is the driving force behind all value added business activities.

• Developing Partnerships: Using appropriate interpersonal styles and communication methods to influence and build effective relationships with business partners (e.g., peers, functional partners, external vendors, and alliance partners).

• Driving Execution: Setting high goals for personal and group accomplishment; using measurement methods to monitor progress toward goals; tenaciously working to meet or exceed goals while deriving satisfaction from that achievement and continuous improvement.

• Operational Decision Making: Securing and comparing information from multiple sources to identify business issues; committing to an action after weighing alternative solutions against important decision criteria and organizational values.

• Global Acumen: Demonstrating an understanding of the competitive global business environment as well as an awareness of economic, social, and political trends that impact the organization’s global strategy.



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