Andy Murray speaks out about the need for gender equality in sport

Andy Murray has spoken out about gender equality in sport, in an essay for the BBC outlining his hopes for women in tennis. 

The British No.1 in tennis has challenged sexist attitudes towards women in sport before, famously correcting a journalist at Wimbledon this year for overlooking the achievements of American women during a press conference.

In an essay for the BBC, entitled ‘Tennis women make the same sacrifices as men’, Murray highlighted why he feels compelled to speak out on behalf of female sports stars.

I’ve never set out to be a spokesperson for women’s equality,” Murray stated, before explaining his relationship with former coach Amelie Mauresmo and how it gave him “a small insight into attitudes to women in sport”.

Working with Amelie was, for me, because she was the right person for the job, and not a question of her sex at all,” he explained.

However, it became clear to me that she wasn’t always treated the same as men in similar jobs, and so I felt I had to speak out about that.”

He continued: Since then, I have been asked about women’s equality and I would find it hard to look any of the top female tennis players in the eye if I did not speak my mind.

People often underestimate the amount of work that it takes to become a top tennis player – and that work ethic is the same whether you are a man or a woman, Murray explained, going on to say that men and women have the same “determination” to win.

Anyone who has spent any time with any of the top women will know that they make those same sacrifices and are as determined and committed to winning as any of the top men on the tour.

Murray also delved into the amount of exposure female athletes receive in comparison to their male counterparts.

He explained that he believes tennis can act as a example to other sports going forward and is proud of the fact the Grand Slams pay women the same as men.

Female sportswomen rarely get as much air-time as men, and there are still not enough women in the top jobs in sport, but things are improving, he added.

Tennis has come a long way in the past 35 years since the US Open first gave equal pay to men and women. In general, the future is positive.

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