Get Involved: Angelus Foundation

Angelus-FoundationThe Angelus Foundation is the brain child of Maryon Stewart, founder of the Natural Health Advisory Service and a regular contributor to natural health programmes on radio and TV. Maryon has attracted a group of world class experts, known as the Angelus Advisory Group, who bring together expertise from chemical, medical and social sciences – as well as having expert input from both the areas of enforcement and misuse of social substances.

The aim of the Angelus Foundation is to educate, encourage and assist individuals to be knowledgeable about risks to health and wellbeing of ‘legal highs’ and other harmful social substances, including alcohol, in order that they may be ever more responsible for the choices they make and as a result lead more wholesome and safer lives.

The Angelus Foundation would like to thank Dr John Vitz for gifting the domain name that he previously owned to our Foundation. In exchange for his generosity we would like to introduce visitors to our website to the beautiful Angelus music which he has composed.

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