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Annie Ashdown - CoachWorking with a coach will help you to get from where you are to where you want to be. I offer you a safe space to see yourself more clearly; I do this by listening to you, asking focused questions, reflecting back, challenging you and helping you discover not only your ambitions but also your self- imposed obstacles. Using proven principles and strategies I will help you feel empowered, and define your vision. I will motivate and inspire you, helping you create a plan of actionable change strategies to achieve extraordinary results.

Women make up more than half of the work force, but represent less than 5% of the chief executives of the largest companies and 15% of the senior executives. A top firm in the city reports two thirds of the 3,000 professional and college – age women expressed a desire to become senior leaders. Only 40% were able to envision themselves as leaders. Two – thirds said they were cautious about sharing their point of view or taking steps to become leaders. A whopping 60% believed they would be further ahead in their career if they had more self – belief.

What’s keeping you stuck?
  • Self – doubt
  • Lack of confidence
  • Fear of not being liked
  • A feeling of being less deserving or less qualified than your peers
  • ‘The Imposter Syndrome’
  • Dealing with difficult subordinates/peers/superiors
  • Overwhelmed by a thousand and one tasks on your to do list, yet struggle to say no to other people’s demands.
  • Feeling intimidated in a male dominated environment
  • Uncomfortable blowing your own trumpet
My coaching will help you;
  • Understand how and where you may be giving away your power without even realising it
  • Identify your core values and limiting beliefs
  • Discover how to court risk with more self – assurance
  • Learn new ways of thinking to create tangible changes in your mind set and behaviours
  • Establish more credibility by choosing and using words that communicate your uniqueness
  • Identify your thinking styles that undermine your interactions and relationship with others
  • Learn how to effectively apply self – talk principles that change everything
  • Discover how to influence, inform and impress with clarity, emotional sound control and authority

In order for women to successfully deal with people, plan strategies, execute policies and make decisions that influence, we must be assertive and confident so people trust us, rely on our judgment and value our opinions. We must stand up and be counted and not shy away from asking for those pay increases, appraisals and promotion. Whilst many women are great conciliators, and excellent listeners – (and we need to keep these qualities) we also do need to make our voice heard. Radiating confidence is a leadership skill and success strategy. By learning the art of self-assurance you discover how to be confident, how to believe in your abilities and how to step up to your full capability, while not behaving aggressively.

Annie has been working as a highly successful corporate trainer, motivational speaker, clinical hypnotherapist, business and personal development coach for 13 years. Her clients include household names in the corporate and celebrity worlds. She is a regular guest expert on TV and Radio, Blogger on The Huffington Post, Author of International Best Seller “The Confidence Factor – 7 Secrets of Successful People” and one of the chosen experts in “Real Confidence” Psychologies first branded book published by Wiley Spring 2016.

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Client’s Testimonial:

“Annie Ashdown is at the credible end of life coaching. Her talent for engaging with people and allowing her warmth and integrity to create a rapport is second to none. I highly recommend her services.”
J Huie, MBE, Adviser to Prime Minister on Enterprise Britain.

“Annie has a wealth of experience and her coaching is highly effective.”
Jo Hemmings, Best- Selling Author, Psychologist, ITV This Morning.

“If you want to raise your confidence and self –esteem I recommend you hire Annie.”
Ian Marber aka ‘The Food Doctor’, The UK’S Leading Nutritionist and Best – Selling Author

“Annie is without question one of the most respected and most sought after coaches. She is an incredible coach and her methods are extremely effective.”
Gary Quinn, Best – Selling Author, Hollywood Coach to the Stars.

“Annie’s direct, practical coaching techniques will bring you results.”
Mica Paris – Ambassador for Amy Winehouse Foundation

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