Annie Leibovitz revives ‘Women’ project to celebrate 21st century females

Annie Leibovitz is set to expand her ‘Women’ project after 15 years, in a touring exhibition around the globe.

The Swiss bank, UBS announced that it will be commissioning the photographer to shoot portraits of important and remarkable women. The new photographs will follow on from her exhibit, ‘Women’ and also the book of the same name.

The list of those who are involved in the project are yet to be released, and Leibovitz is still working on photographing them. However, the work will continue where Leibovitz left off in 2000 and the objective of the project is to, “reflect the changes in the roles of women today.”

A spokesperson for UBS told ArtNews that the new project will ‘document the way that women’s roles are changing in society where feminism has recently come to the forefront.’

In 2000, Leibovitz and author, Susan Sontag released ‘Women’, featuring over 100 portraits of women at the end of the 20th century. The book included women of notability such as Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Taylor and Jerry Hall, but also paired these with ‘ordinary’ women like coal miners, teachers, business women and doctors. Sontag wrote that, “Each of these pictures must stand on its own…but the ensemble says, so this is what women are now – as different, as varied, as heroic, as forlorn, as conventional, as unconventional as this.”

Annie Leibovitz has made a name for herself within the celebrity world and has produced a number of campaigns for Vogue, Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair. She has found controversy in photographing a naked and pregnant Demi Moore, a naked Miley Cyrus (who was 15 at the time), and asking the Queen to remove her crown for an image. However, whatever you think, there is no denying that Leibovitz’s photos are hard hitting and powerful.

You can catch the exhibition in London for free, when it opens in January 2016, before it will go on tour to host cities Tokyo, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico City, Istanbul, Frankfurt, New York and Zurich. Venues for the exhibition are yet to be announced, but according to the organisers they won’t feature in traditional museums or art galleries but in locations where “they offer for original and unexpected encounters.”

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