Appearances in business: The rise of cosmetic surgery

Non-Invasive-ProceduresThe cosmetic surgery market is predicted to be worth around £3.5bn by 2015, making the £750m valuation from ten years ago look meager in comparison. One of the big reasons the market has increased is the idea surfacing that cosmetic surgery is a wise career investment.

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, one of the most common reasons for both men and women interested in cosmetic surgery was because they wanted to remain competitive in the workplace. The idea that image is directly linked with self-confidence and this can have an effect on your work isn’t new, as research shows employees themselves tend to be willing work harder for better-looking bosses.

Cosmetic surgery isn’t just big business in the Hollywood-obsessed Western world. Markets in the Far East, especially, have seen demand rise over the years. It’s estimated that one in five women in South Korea’s capital city of Seoul have undergone some kind of cosmetic treatment, with many believing it will improve their chances of landing their dream job.

Skincare treatments like botox, skin peels, and wrinkle fillers were up by 30% in the UK last year.

The Advent of New Treatments

Another big reason for this increased demand is the popularity of so-called “ Skincare treatments like botox, skin peels, and wrinkle fillers were up by 30% in the UK last year. These kind of treatments are intended to keep both men and women looking youthful look without the need to go under the knife. Even specialists in traditional cosmetic surgery such as Europe Surgery have branched out into minimally or non-invasive laser surgeries. Many individuals who undertake these kinds of services believe they provide a more natural looking and understated end result. That there is little pain or discomfort reported during or after the procedure also means they can resume their professional life without interruption.

What Are the Alternatives?

Fortunately for those of us who aren’t interested in maintaining a catwalk physique, there are alternatives for those of us not interested in going under the knife. Keeping in shape, maintaining a healthy diet, and generally keeping up appearances can have similar end results. The time investments here will not only make you look better, they’ll make you feel better too which will keep you working at the top of your game for longer. Obvious alternatives but a healthy lifestyle will provide a better appearance both outside and in.  Feeling good about yourself can be just as effective in your demeanor and your mindset as any treatment. Feeling good about yourself will shine in a meeting room or conference, it will be visible without you even noticing it.

While we may not like to admit it, first impressions make a difference and we naturally formulate pre-conceptions of those around us quickly. And whether we like it or not, technology is moving along faster than social norms, cosmetic surgery is here to stay.

Considering cosmetic surgery?

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