Apple pays men, women and ethnic minorities equally, closing its pay gap in the US

Apple has announced that they have achieved gender equity within the US sector of the company, as well as improving workplace diversity.

Apple pays men, women and ethnic minorities equally, closing its pay gap in the US (F)In a report released by Apple, figures suggested that diversity within the company was starting to improve. Over the past year, Apple has hired 37 per cent females and 27 per cent of underrepresented minorities in the US. Apple determines these minorities as anyone whose representation in tech has been historically low, such as Black and Hispanic.

The figures also go on to show that 54 per cent of new hires in the US are minorities; 24 per cent are Asian, 13 per cent are Black, 13 per cent are Hispanic and 4 per cent are multi-cultural.

In the report the company said, “Equal work deserves equal pay.”

“This past year, we looked at the total compensation for US employees and closed the gaps we found. We’re now analysing the salaries, bonuses, and annual stock grants of all our employees worldwide.”

“If a gap exists, we’ll address it. And we’ll continue our work to make sure we maintain pay equity.”

We’ve achieved pay equity in the United States for similar roles and performance. Women earn one dollar for every dollar male employees earn. And underrepresented minorities earn one dollar for every dollar white employees earn.”

Denise Young Smith, Vice President of Worldwide Human Resources at Apple, said, “Diversity is more than any one gender, race, or ethnicity. It’s richly representative of all people, all backgrounds, and all perspectives. It is the entire human experience.”

Despite these improvements the company still has a way to go. The new report shows that men and white people currently make up the majority of employees at Apple.

Read Apple’s full report here.

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