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LadyvalblogheaderFor savvy businesswomen today, networking is a vital business tool.

And women’s networks seem to be more effective, maybe because, as I was told, men-only groups combine so much testosterone and competitiveness, they leave the collegiate spirit behind.  Not so for women. Though we all know women executives who pretend they have balls, most of us are inclined to collaborate rather than compete, surely a more creative and socially responsible way to do business?

A good network will enable you to meet like-minded women from different industries and get not only practical help but also a chance to share problems, find a sounding board and sometimes alleviate the loneliness of working in a male-dominated business.

My Network comprises a disparate range of professions but all are executives or own their business. And we have a motto which seems to resonate with those who attend our events:

“There’s a special place in hell for any woman who doesn’t help another woman”.

And our icebreaker of ‘what can I do for your business and what can you do for mine?’ concentrates the mind on caring and sharing but with the specific aim of attracting future business.

I will go further – if you have been to a Network event a few times and gained from it only delicious food and pleasant company, you should think about joining another Network.

For with the small amount of time which we all have, it has to be spent with a purpose.

And in these hard economic times that purpose must to be to enhance your business with new contacts, learning different methods and maximising skills.

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