Are your hormones costing you a promotion?

exhausted woman - exerciseDo you get a sense most days that your body’s working against you rather than with you? Are you struggling against business overwhelm, fatigue and stress? Do you regularly experience:
  • A feeling you’re constantly racing from one task to the next
  • Worry about work issues beyond your control
  • Poor memory – you walk over to a colleague’s desk and can’t remember why
  • Mid morning or mid afternoon sugar cravings
  • Disrupted sleep patterns

If you’ve ticked at least two of the above items you’re likely experiencing hormone imbalance.

Your hormones are impacted by the lifestyle choices you make, the food you eat, and any exercise you choose to do. Those elements all fit together like jigsaw pieces and if any of those pieces move out of alignment symptoms come to the surface. Poor concentration, lack of focus and low motivation are all symptoms of internal misalignment – hormone imbalance.

Hormones are most commonly associated with either menstruation or menopause but hormones and hormone imbalance affects women of all ages whatever the time of the month. You have a multitude of hormones: cortisol, adrenalin, insulin, glucagon, leptin, ghrelin, testosterone, human growth hormone, oestrogen….the list goes on. Imagine your hormones as an orchestra. When they’re all playing in harmony you look, feel and behave your best. When one of them hits a duff note it has a huge impact, not just on your personal health and appearance but on your professional performance too.

When your cortisol levels are out of control, it’s like drinking a couple of cans of red bull. You get that sense of second wind or energy, think you’re acting rationally and coping with multiple things but actually you’re rushing from task to task and not finishing anything properly. You rely on sugar and caffeine to keep you going through the working day and then you can’t sleep properly at night. You become stuck in a vicious circle.

When your insulin levels are imbalanced you can feel lethargic and grumpy and you’ll be bursting at the seams. It doesn’t matter how many sweet treats you have you won’t be able to satisfy those sugar cravings. Cortisol and insulin will team up to get all that excess sugar out of your bloodstream and store it in your fat cells making it nearly impossible for your body to access that fat and use it as energy. So instead of impressing your colleagues with your insight and strategic thinking at meetings you’ll be obsessing over how tight your waistband is.

If you’re serious about succeeding in business you need to get serious about your hormones. Harmonious hormones are guaranteed to ramp up your body confidence, energy levels and productivity. You’ll finally get that promotion you’ve been chasing. If you want to discuss how your hormones are affecting your professional performance AND find out what you can do about it let’s talk.

About the author

Julie Dennis is a weight loss specialist for women over 40 and through menopause. She is WATC's new fitness and health blogger. Follow Julie’s blog or visit:

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