Ask Esther…Help – I’ve agreed to speak on a panel in Switzerland

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Dear Esther,

“Help –  I’ve agreed speak on a panel in Switzerland”

I was at one of your masterclasses in London and you may remember I told you that I systematically decline all conference and panel speaking invitations.

Well I am trying to take inspiration from your course and I have agreed to one next month.

My natural inclination was of course to say no but when I looked at the panel it is all white middle age men, and I thought hell no, there has to be a woman on this!

Please please can you share your top panel tips so this is not my first and last public event!!!

Best wishes and thanks,



Hi Alison, first of all WELL DONE – you are disrupting manels (all male panels).  Yeay, go you, you are going to ROCK.

OK here are my five top tips….

Tip 1 – Wear a trouser suit (to avoid that up-the-skirt paparazzi shot) make sure you add a splash of colour!  Defo wear make up.

Tip 2 – Face Your Glossophobia – the fear of public speaking. This video may calm you down as it talks you through public speaking phobias. Here’s the 30 min video I created with my Harley Street therapist friend Olivia James.

Or you can read my blog on How to Combat Glossophobia

Tip 3 – Avoid going red!  Here’s a quick fix blog about avoiding that blush!

TIP 4 – Prep in the right way- don’t over think. Best thing you can do is remember the audience don’t care that much about you (no offence), they only care about themselves!

Think about your angles and stories you can share about likely questions that will come up.  Make sure you get a heads up about the questions.

TIP 5 – Be Awesome – powerful body language makes all the difference!  Sit up tall, breathe, pause, smile – then answer…..

For more tips,  check out my YouTube Channel and have a look through some of the films there!

Good luck and enjoy

Eyes and teeth!

Esther xx

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