#AskHerToStand Day calls for more women to stand for elected office

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Every year on 21st November, #AskHerToStand Day calls for more women to become MPs. On this day 104 years ago, women won the right to stand for election in the UK.

Over a century later, more than 5000 MPs have been elected, but fewer than 600 of these have been women, highlighting a need for drastic change.

Research shows that women do not naturally put themselves forward for election. In fact, evidence suggests they need to be asked three times before they consider standing. #AskHerToStand day encourages everyone to invite and support women to stand for elected office.

If you know a woman who is passionate about a cause – whether it be health, children, parenting, equal pay, climate change issues or something else – and would be great in the world of politics, please #AskHerToStand! 50:50 Parliament have a programme specifically designed to give help and support to those looking to elevate their political ambitions.

Katie KurileczKatie Kurilecz is one of over 2400 women who are part of the SignUpToStand programme. She says: “As the mum of a daughter, it’s so important that more women run for office. Thank you 50:50 Parliament for all you do encouraging women candidates across all parties.

Thanks to 50:50’s training I had to confidence to run for my local council. It’s been a great way to meet other mums and get their advice on balancing family and running for office. ”

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