Kayleigh Bateman
Ada Lovelace

Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day

Today marks Ada Lovelace Day, which is in honour of the first computer programmer. Ada Lovelace was the daughter of Lord Byron and her mother raised her after her father died. Fearing that her daughter would inherit several of her infamous father’s poetic traits, Lovelace was raised in a strict environment based on logic, science...
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“Geeky, boring, coder” Susan Bowen shares how she helped catch criminals in the 90s

“I can either be seen as a geeky, boring coder or as someone that was helping to catch criminals in the 90s,” says Susan Bowen, Vice President and General Manager, EMEA at Cogeco Peer1 who believes the tech industry should do more to inform students of what a career in technology entails. Having spent 16...
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Sam Truelove feature

Military starting to realise “Inclusivity means so much more” says Royal Navy Lt Cdr Sam Truelove MBE

The military is starting to realise that “inclusivity means so much more”, Royal Navy Lieutenant Commander Samantha Truelove MBE has told WeAreTheCity. Speaking to WeAreTheCity recently about challenges she has overcome as a female during her time in the Navy she said: “We have a long way to go and I still find it frustrating,...
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Women’s rugby champ Nolli Waterman shares World Cup highs and the value of sport

Sport gives you confidence in being in your own skin Danielle “Nolli” Waterman, England rugby union player and World Champion, told WeAreTheCity. She said: “The determination and competitiveness that sport brings has really helped me. Sport gives you the confidence in being you and the confidence in being in your own skin. You need tall,...
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Mark McLane - Barclays Heforshe

HeforShe – Moving feminism forward: Barclays’ Mark McLane shares why he’s in support of HeforShe

“We have to continued to define feminism for what it stood for originally – equality” Mark McLane, Managing Director, Head of Global Diversity and Inclusion at Barclays, told WeAreTheCity recently. He added: “It’s about taking the power back to what it used to be and moving feminism forward for women in gender equality all round....
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Inspirational Woman: Deborah O’Neill | Partner at Oliver Wyman Labs

In her time at global management consultancy Oliver Wyman, Deborah has supported some of the world’s biggest financial institutions and developed a passion around user centricity for business reporting. She is an alumnus of Imperial College, London, and recently co-authored an article for the Harvard Business Review entitled “Using Data to Strengthen Your Connections to...
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Inspirational Woman: Charlotte Crowl | Author and cancer survivor

Tell us a bit about yourself, background and your current role My name is Charlotte Crowl I’m 27 and I grew up around Essex and East London, at the age of 17 I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. During that time, I went through many mental and physical struggles including my body shutting down,...
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Intimidation and aggression on social media threatening our democracy, says Theresa May on 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote

Intimidation and aggression on social media is coarsening public debate, deterring people from participating in politics and threatening our democracy, according to Prime Minister Theresa May on the100th anniversary of women achieving the vote. In a speech to mark the centenary, May celebrated the heroism of the suffrage movement and “the enormous strides we have taken...
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