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Allington castle - Charity Fundraiser (F)

Charity Fundraiser | Life of a Lady

I dislike the concept of Ladies Who Lunch so my events have always had a charitable function. Over 10 years we’ve raised over £60,000 for youth unemployment and currently prisoner rehabilitation. The fundraiser on August 13 is for the Robin Corbett Award which awards prize money annually to two small charities who do the most...
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Life of a Lady - equal pay

Robin Wright follows Jennifer Lawrence and plays her (House of) cards for equal pay | Life of a Lady

Robin Wright has a hair style I would kill for but I don’t have the same cheek bones so haven’t bothered my hairdresser. It’s not the only thing for which I admire her. In the hugely popular political thriller House of Cards, Robin plays steely First Lady Claire Underwood, wife and co-conspirator of President Frank...
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business men shaking womans hand featured

Men and how to understand them, not only in business | Life of a Lady

A book by Professor Debra Tannen about how men and women communicate includes this story: a man comes home from work and asks his partner “When do we have to be at the dinner party”. She replies: “You have time for a nap.” That wasn’t what he asked but she answered a different question thus...
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Life of a Lady Feature

So where do you go for business advice?

Would you believe …. the Government? Women are generally more afraid of failure than their male counterparts, according to research which found that in all but seven of the countries surveyed, women represent a minority of the nation’s entrepreneurs. The seven economies where there are as many or more women as men entrepreneurs are Panama,...
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Career women: Four tips to get a date from the man you want

Well I wish I had this advice when I was dating (as my daughter puts it: “in the olden days”) – but I am indebted to Lisa Copeland who is a dating coach – where else but in America. And I have added my own thoughts (quite a lot) based on the fact I was...
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November 19 was a special day in my life. It was the tenth anniversary of my women’s network. And it was celebrated with a terrific party attended by 100 top calibre business women in conversations with Cherie Blair. Our 10th birthday lunch was exactly what I hoped it would be – inspirational, fun, relaxed and...
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Jennifer Lawrence is right: You can be too nice in business

She earns millions per film especially through the Hunger Games series. But actress, Jennifer Lawrence says she was called a ‘brat’ as part of a backlash when she spoke out about the issue of unequal pay between men and women in the acting industry. “When I found out how much less I was being paid...
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How to get past the interview and be the successful applicant | Life of a Lady Blog

I had a positive response to a recent blog about interview techniques so am returning to the subject because it is a crucial part of the business process and one you need to win. Only today I was at a company in the process of selecting highly paid executives and they said they always eliminated...
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