Maryon Stewart

Rekindle your libido | Maryon Stewart

Women regard their loss of libido as their lot.  They accept it as part of their fading youth, even if it happens in their late twenties! Our libido levels are most often a well kept secret, and not something we consider an acceptable part of social chit-chat over cocktails.  There are no hard and fast...
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Maryon Stewart’s Top Tips for a Healthy Midlife

1. Before attempting to come off HRT get established on a comprehensive alternative programme.  It is advisable to wait at least four to six weeks before reducing your HRT dose, by which time the benefits of the new programme will be kicking in.  When you feel ready begin reducing the dose of HRT by as...
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Eat Yourself Beautiful

Women through the ages have gone to great lengths to improve the appearance of their skin, hair and nails and the beauty has had a field day on the profits.  Millions of pounds are spent on advertising and packaging, with the intention of persuading the consumer that creams, lotions and potions will provide the key...
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