Myriam OCarroll
Kate Rowlands MBE in Afghanistan

Inspirational Woman: Kate Rowlands MBE | Programme Director of The Children’s House project

British-born nurse Kate Rowlands made an early choice to devote her life to working in war zones. Kate has spent the last 15 years in Kabul under the wing of La Chaîne de l’Espoir, a French non-profit organisation providing medical care and education to poor children. In the Afghan Chidren’s House, Kate cares for young...
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Ruby McGregor thumb

Inspirational Woman: Ruby McGregor-Smith CBE | CEO of MITIE Group PLC

The first Asian woman to have hit the FTSE 250 list, Ruby McGregor-Smith, CBE, hates nothing more than being introduced this way. Striving all her life to ‘blend in’ and not stand out as ‘different’, Ruby’s celebrity took her by surprise when she took central stage of the MITIE Group as newly appointed CEO in...
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Inspirational Woman: Abigail Disney | Founder of Peace is Loud

Grand-niece of Walt Disney, Abigail Disney could easily have lived in a little rich (wo)man’s world. Instead, her years at college – studying English literature at Yale, Stanford and Columbia – fired her up to defend women’s rights. A life-changing trip in Liberia in 2006 led her to produce Pray the Devil Back to Hell,...
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Inspirational Woman: Mariéme Jamme | CEO SpotOne Global Solutions

Senegalese-born Mariéme Jamme is recognised by international organisations as a young leader to watch. Mariéme was invited as a leading speaker at the Women’s Forum in Deauville, through the Rising Talents Initiative launched by Eurazeo and Egon Zehnder to promote female business leaders under the age of 40. A self-taught entrepreneur, Mariéme is the CEO...
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Christine Borgoltz-Halff - thumb

Inspirational Woman: Christine Borgoltz-Halff | Corporate Communications and Head of Public Relations at Cartier

Elegant Frenchwoman Christine Borgoltz-Halff is THE woman behind the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards. Taking place each year at the Women’s Forum in Deauville, it is now in its 8th year, attracting over 1,800 applications from all over the world. With passion, conviction and modesty, Christine Borgoltz-Halff talks to Myriam Crété-O’Carroll about her company’s engagement to...
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Inspirational Woman: Maxine Benson MBE and Karen Gill MBE | Co-founders of

Responsible role modelling – ITW with the brains behind co-founders Maxine Benson MBE and Karen Gill MBE Max and Karen have known each other for 35 years, since having a good time travelling around Australia. When, 15 years ago, they quit the corporate world to start their own TV business, they realised how tough...
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The Women’s Forum: what’s next?

Véronique Morali, the President of the Women’s Forum, invites all us women leaders, social entrepreneurs and younger generations to design the next decade of the Forum together – what a challenge! I invite you to stay tuned as there is more content to come, including: An intimate interview with Christine Borgoltz-Halff, the woman behind the...
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Scribing, sketchnoting, life-sketching: creative techniques to get heard | 2013 Women’s Forum

As creativity takes central stage at the Women’s Forum, young and talented graphic designers use visual thinking techniques, live, to facilitate the understanding of complex matters. Scribing, life-sketching, sketchnoting… different styles and formats helping to visually document concepts, in a graphic format. Watch Lorraine Pastré, Geoffrey Dorne, Guillaume Lagane and Hélène Pouille summarising some of...
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