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The General Election | Choose your side

With the general election less than a month away, time is rapidly running out to pick a side. You could never accuse Jeremy Corbyn of being bland. As a person and politician, he creates incredibly divisive opinions. You may not have a vested interest in the Labour party, or even in politics, but I’m sure...
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General Election: The battle begins (officially)

After the shambles that was 2016, I know we were all hoping for a bigger, brighter 2017 that would bound into the picture with some serious bandage-like solutions for every part of the post-Brexit, post-Trump disaster. No such luck. Yesterday marked the formal dissolution of parliament and the official start of the general election campaign,...
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Standing in solidarity: A Day Without a Woman

One thing you must make sure you do this week is visit the International Women’s Day webpage and submit your #BeBoldForChange action. Whilst you’re at it, why not participate in ‘A Day Without a Woman’? I’m a strong believer in ‘To Do’ lists. My personal life is more often hideously disorganised than it is not,...
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It’s a Women’s Game Too | By Naomi White

Politics isn’t just for men. It’s time to take part. Although I’m aware I may sound like a broken record, ladies, trust me when I say your vote is incredibly important. So stepping away from my comments on the female leaders, it’s time to focus on the everyday woman. She can come in any shape...
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Brains before Beauty | The politics blog

Only a week to go until the Big Day. Sounds terribly like a wedding, but I personally can see a few similarities. The excessive preparation, the inevitable disasters here and there, and of course the actual ceremony; the creation of a union (hint, hint, I feel that there is going to be another coalition). And...
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The Triad | Naomi White Talks Politics Blog

The latter half of last week we saw the TV debate take two, minus two of the main players, Cameron and Clegg. The Conservative and Liberal Democrat leaders’ decision to miss a vital part of television coverage left the debate to the rest of the line-up, which for once was marginally more female. This year...
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The countdown is on! General Election 2015 | Naomi White

As the 7th May looms over our politicians much like the big grey clouds we’re all too familiar with here in the UK, the best bits of each party’s manifesto are being rolled out in order to grab our attention. Only, I feel like those grey clouds are going to have a bit more of...
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Listen Up Ladies: UKIP might be on our side | General Election 2015 | Naomi White

I’m an avid follower of the progression of the campaign against tampon tax. Tampon tax, you say? They tax our periods? Well, let’s give you a little lowdown on the current situation. So, for a while, there has been a movement against the governments across the world for taxing what we require for our lady...
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