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When I grow up I want to be… – Plate Spinner Blog

“When I grow up I want to be…” Ah. Eight words that echo through the generations of children that have come before my son. Eight words that signify the unbridled optimism of having an age still in single digits, words that swell with the limitless possibilities that are spread before your feet when your main...
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I love Valentine’s Day – Plate Spinner Blog

I love Valentine’s Day. It is the day when, along with every other couple in the land, you can reaffirm your undying love for your partner. You can shower them with beautiful gifts and offer up cards with heart-felt and intimate verse… No. It’s no good. I can’t keep up the pretence any longer. I...
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Tis the season to be jolly…well rushed off your bloody feet

“I’m going Christmas shopping today,” announces a mum this morning as we wave our offspring into their classrooms. I say wave. These days, I pretty much drop-kick my son into school, barely breaking stride as I turn tail and hurry off to a meeting / networking / my desk. My to do list stares up...
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Honing your skills

There is a common perception – particularly for women – that time spent parenting is time that detracts from career development. I mean, how can wiping noses and hanging out in soft play centres (okay, motherhood does encompass a tad more than this, but for some reason, it was these two activities that came to...
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Summer Holiday Business Lingo Guide | Plate Spinner Blog

So the summer holidays are eventually upon us. I say eventually, what I actually mean was that they hurtled toward me like a chubby boy with a Vaselined rear end on a fun park slide. One moment, we had a six week school term in front of us, I bent down to pick up something...
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Family Ltd – Plate Spinner Blog

I was having a ponder the other day. You know the sort, when your mind has gone a bit blank whilst you stir the beans, reply to a client email on your phone, keep an eye on the toaster and pretend not to see your two young sons beating the crap out of each other...
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Don’t be my Valentine… | Plate Spinner

Do you know what? I bloody hate February. It is the smuggest month of the entire calendar, and that is saying something, what with December thinking it’s the dog’s proverbials with the whole tinselly Christmas thing it’s got going on, and August, with its ‘ooh, look at me, I am sooooo sunny’ vibe. But February...
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A brand new, shiny year is just around the corner… | Plate Spinner

I am already thinking past Christmas. I have done the Christmas shopping from the comfort of my own kitchen table, armed with only a bottle of wine and an iPad, I have written my Christmas cards, and I have forged my son’s wobbly scrawl of a signature on his cards. I have sent my clients...
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