Back to work: The Holiday Blues Top 5

Holiday-bluesSo many of us have had a much welcomed break from the hustle and bustle of work. Whether being at home enjoying the sunshine or you managed to get away to somewhere, either way it is now back to reality. Here are our Top 5 pain points

1. Tan

You spent weeks topping up your tan to make you look more radiant and continental, hoping to walk into the office to ‘Wow you look tanned’, ‘Did you go somewhere nice?’

You had your entire white wardrobe at the ready – White dress with white shoes and a matching white bag only to find that your tan was starting to fade, well it was 2 weeks ago when you came back and the weather hasn’t been that great for the last few weeks. Not only this but that smug one in Accounts (you know the one, just finished her Grad program and is now in her 2nd year at your firm) has just came back from 6 weeks of traveling and taking in a trip around Zanzibar or somewhere. She gets all of the attention as she must have spent the last hours soaking up the sun only to step off the plane and straight into the office where she is optimum tanned. Oh well. ‘Did you get away over the Holidays?’ says Martin from Facilities… We mumble and remember to go back to standard issued black or blue skirts and blouses tomorrow

2. Email

So no matter what, it comes with no surprise (even if you take one day off it mounts up) but now after 2 weeks off, you have 100 messages just saying that your inbox is at full capacity – which just makes it worse! an endless sea of unread emails, mainly directed at you but you can see the obvious SEND TO ALL emails and there are stacks of them all on a Friday and all pretty much pointless. Delete them quick!  Now there are email conversations that you even started but can’t remember what the subject really was and is it really that important now? Top Tip: Read from the top and hope most things have been sorted out already and then delete the rest of the trail

Did no one get the Out of Office message from you??? Obviously not. Or were they so generous to not leave you out of the communications.  Take a note of when they are away next and return the favour!

3. The Commute

So the roads are busy again and the trains are packed to the brim.  What more is there to say? You are used to it, but my how you remember getting a seat for the first time over the last 6-8 weeks and everyone seemed to smile and give you room. But unfortunately the misery kicks in and now it is dog eat dog.  As for the roads, at least there are less caravans on the roads but it seems that the short migration of the rare White Van men have now returned to ensure that you keep your foot on the break pedal as they flitter and flutter across the lanes on the motorway as they will shave off 3 seconds of their overall journey

4. Your start to the day

So after trying to work out what still fits or what is white enough to show off the tan you are nearly there.  Oh, no breakfast ready and waiting with a fabulous choice of hot and cold treats?  Ah the mornings where you would prepare yourself for ‘I will just have some fruit today’ but going for the eggs, beans, sausages plus 4 rounds of toast and saying well you need to store up for the heat by the pool all day.  So it is an out of date box of Shreddies or that broken half a Weetabix left in the box?  Oh, no milk either! Darn it where is the waiter??

5. Things will be different

You come back with a vengeance.  When you return you will not get up at stupid o’clock and get into the office early to make a start. You will NOT stay late.  The rest of Europe have the balance why not us? You will ensure you answer all emails on the same day they come in (Number 2 kicks in here). You won’t go for a drink after work but go straight home and cook a meal from fresh ingredients – just like that restaurant in Tuscany. However week 1. You are just leaving the Bar and ordering yourself a pizza for the way home.  Well it’s been a long day and you have so many emails and so much work….

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