‘Bad managers’ are the number one reason why people quit their jobs

bad managers
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A recent poll of employees cited ‘bad managers’ as the number one reason behind people leaving their jobs.

The poll was conducted by Gallup, a management consulting company, who asked over 7,000 U.S employees why they had or would quit their job.

The top reason was “to get away from their manager to improve their overall life at some point in their career.”

50 per cent of employees quit their job because of bad bosses.

Explaining as to why many companies experience a high turnover of employees, CEO of Gallup Jim Clifton wrote a 2013 essay stating:

“The single biggest decision you make in your job – bigger than all the rest – is who you name manager.”

“When you name the wrong person manager, nothing fixes that bad decision. Not compensation, not benefits – nothing.”

Clifton also highlighted that businesses need to spend their money hiring the right manager, as opposed to materialistic things.

“They’ll buy miserable employees latte machines for their offices, give them free lunch and sodas, or even worse – just let them all work at home, hailing an ‘enlightened’ policy of telecommuting.”

The research calls for companies to provide 360 degree feedback, in which employees can give their managers feedback.

Whilst the employee benefits differ across various companies, the research concluded that managerial values and leadership determine how long you last in your job.

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