BBC announces widespread pay reviews to tackle gender pay gap


The BBC has announced that it will be launching widespread pay reviews, in a bid to tackle its gender pay gap.

The organisation has also announced that it will be commissioning an independently audited report into the BBC’s gender pay gap and a separate audit into equal pay.

The BBC will also be looking into the diversity and pay of its on-air presenters, editors and correspondents, particularly those covering the news and radio.

In July, the shocking extent of the BBC’s gender pay gap and female representation was revealed.

The BBC released the wages of its biggest stars for the first time, which showed that only a third of women were amongst the highest earners.

Claudia Winkleman is the highest paid woman, earning £450,000; while Chris Evans is the highest paid man, earning £2.2 million.

The list comprises of 96 stars who earn over £150,000 a year. Of the 96, 62 are male and 34 are female.

Within the top ten highest-earning stars, only three are women – Winkleman; newsreader Fiona Bruce, who earns over £350,000; and Alex Jones, who earns over £400,000.

Speaking about the reforms, Director-General Tony Hall said, “Of course, we’ve got to continue to modernise – and a big priority as part of that is fairness and pay.”

“I know how important this is.”

“I’ve always believed in fairness, equality, and an environment that’s decent, that values everyone and reflects the diversity of our country.”

“The same should be true for every organisation, but I want us to lead the way.”

Hall continued, “I’m committed to this.”

“I want to make sure we’ve got the right frameworks in place, that’s really important.”

“But I also want to give you the information you need so you know where you stand.”

“The onus is on us, not you.”

“We’ll look across each and every job because I want you to be confident that you’re paid fairly.”

“I think we’ll be stronger – demonstrably fair – and more open as a result.”

Hall concluded, “I’m determined that the BBC should lead the way – on gender, diversity and equality.”

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