Being a working mum | Daisy Wolfenden

Daisy Wolfenden is MD at Visibilis, a Digital Marketing agency based in Leeds and mother to two children (who are four and eight months!)

Being a working mum means being able to balance multiple roles throughout the day and being able to switch between them constantly.

After my daughter’s birth we were kept in hospital for a few days for complications (nothing serious but needed monitoring) I remember on day four cracking my laptop open while she slept full from her most recent feed and catching up on emails!

There are never enough hours in the day! I think all working mums worry that they miss out on moments of their children’s life because of work but ultimately, I believe that I’m a better mother because of my job. I love my role and have huge pride being part of such a fast-growing agency. Happy mum = happy children.

There’s no denying it’s difficult. There are days that I’ve felt I’ve failed as a mother – though I think every mother feels that at some points, whether working or not.   For me the best thing about being a working mum for me is the very fact I get the best of both worlds. I have quality time with my children, am (usually!) there to wake them up and put them to bed each day and I get to work with great clients in an industry I love. I am passionate about our agency and our team and get huge satisfaction watching our agency growing, and watching our strategies transform and grow businesses online. While I know that my career means that there are certain things I can’t give my family, what they do get is a happy mummy who is confident and fulfilled. I think that makes me a better mother, in return.

Being a mum means life becomes busier than you thought possible – whether working or stay at home mum.  Coping techniques vary but for me aside from coffee the most important thing was to learn to know my limits and ask for help.  Become a champion at delegating! Building up a support network both personally and professionally has meant I’m surrounded by people who I respect and trust to help me deliver results at work and help me provide the life and support I want for my children.

The reward of a career is a personal achievement, made possible by collaborations. The reward of being a mother is incomparable – without a doubt the most incredible thing I’ve done. Every day is full of 100 small struggles and 100 more moments of amazement and pride. My career is a choice – motherhood is part of who I am.

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