Best apps for the professional woman


With our daily lives getting busier and with only so many hours in the day (despite our wishful thinking), more and more of us are turning to apps to help organise and simplify our lives. And why not? We have our phones constantly glued to ourselves, so why not use them to their full advantage? Here at WATC, we have rounded up the best apps that you need to download!

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Ever seen an article or video that you wanted to watch, but didn’t have the time? Pocket allows you to save recipes, videos, pictures and webpages into one place and read them as and when you can. Once you’ve saved something in Pocket then you can view it whenever – even when you’re offline and not connected to WiFi!


Fed up of having to remember multiple passwords? These days we all have so many different accounts that having a unique password for all of them is difficult – especially as many now require special characters! LastPass offers an easy and secure solution to this. It saves all your passwords and gives you secure access to them from every computer, tablet and mobile. It also offers the feature to automatically fill out your logins for you.

Sleep Cycle

After a busy day, Sleep Cycle will help you to make the most of your sleep. The app monitors your brain activity and wakes you when you’re in between sleep cycles. By waking you up when you are in a lighter sleep, you will feel less tired – and able to be more productive throughout the day!


Another networking app, but this one is on a more personal level. A bit like professional Tinder, Grip allows you to swipe through different people in your area and if you both swipe, you’ll have a chance to chat with one another privately. As you join more communities, you’ll get ‘handshakes’ representing the strength of your grip – and thus making you a stronger professional.


Our busy lives mean we are often on the go a lot, and eating healthily is sometimes the furthest thing from our minds. MyFitnessPal lets you track what you’ve eaten that day and tells you how many calories you’ve had. It also lets you track your exercise and water intake. Other functions include linking it with other exercise apps, and if you have a goal you’re aiming for, you can input this in too. This app is also good for checking if that salad you had at lunch was really healthy!


Have you ever felt like you have a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear? With the Stylebook app, you can manage everything in your wardrobe and make outfits for all occasions using your own clothes. There are also other features such as shopping, inspiration library, a calendar to keep track of days you’ve worn outfits and the ability to question a style expert.


This app is perfect for those who work in social media, or need to keep up-to-date with social trends. Hshtags lets you search for popular and trending hashtags and conversation, save tags on to a personalised list and search social media for a single hashtag.

Have you ever wanted to get rid of all those unwanted and annoying newsletters and emails from sites you’ve registered for? Well, allows you to easily get rid of all those subscription emails in one go – saving you both time and effort.

Job Interview Question-Answer

This free app is perfect for those who don’t have anyone to practise questions for that all important job interview. This easy-to-use app allows you to record your answers to tough questions and then let’s you hear what the interview coach would say.

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