The Best and Worst Careers for Equal Pay

Website Glassdoor has recently reviewed over 500,000 wage reports which were submitted to their website to be analysed for inequalities relating to the pay gap between the genders and the best and worst careers for equal pay.

The best and worst careers for equal payThey ultimately found that the gender pay gap is a proven reality around the world.

“Men earn 24.1 percent higher base pay than women on average,” Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist at Glassdoor, said in the report. “In other words, women earn about 76 cents per dollar men earn. This is consistent with official sources that show women earn on average 75 to 80 cents per dollar earned by men.”

The study was set in the United States, but a similar pattern was also found in these five countries: The United Kingdom, Australia, France and Germany. It showed that once you compared the subject’s age, education and experience and matched those up to similar others, the gap shrank to 19%. Workers with the same employer, job title and location had a further shrink to 5%.

It’s shown that the top jobs with the highest gender pay gap were: Computer programmers, chefs and dentists.

The careers with the lowest gaps in pay were: Social workers, merchandisers and research assistants.

Chamberlain said: “Although the ‘adjusted’ gender pay gap is smaller than the often-cited comparison of average male and female pay, it remains an important and statistically significant gap, it persists even after comparing men and women with the same job title, at the same company, and with similar education and experience—a large gap that is clear in the data.”

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