Be A Better Brand: From marketing strategy to logo design

These days your brand is the epitome of so much more than your logo design and website.

Be A Better Brand- From Marketing Strategy to Logo DesignIf your business is not integrating aspects of these things in to your social media and online presence, then it is not branding itself properly.

These days’ businesses are making mistakes by only rebranding aspects of their business such as logo design and leaving their social media accounts on the back burner.

Branding is important and it covers so much of your business’ identity. Try to learn from others and avoid these obvious branding mistakes.

Continuing to Build Your Brand

One your business is up and running and you have put the drawing board down it can be tempting for you to stop caring about the branding aspect of your business.

Following your business insights, you should continue to develop your business strategy. Feedback from social media can be vital and if your business is considering a rebrand your social media followers can help you decide.

Take Instagram as an example of this. The social media giants who have recently been bought over by Facebook changed their company logo design to display how their business has evolved over time.

Instagram started as just a photo sharing platform however it has branched out with messaging and video options.

Give your brand Personality with Logo Design

Be A Better Brand- From Marketing Strategy to Logo Design 2Not only did Instagram change their logo design but they also added new elements to their brand. Ian Splatter, Head of Design at Instagram has said that Instagram’s new family of apps:

“Layout, Boomerang, and Hyperlapse — also have a new, unified look. We carried the gradient through each icon and designed them on the same grid to make the system feel cohesive. We also updated the Layout and Boomerang icons to better represent what the apps help you create — a collection of photos or a mini video that loops forward and backward.”

Instagram is primarily a smartphone app and it is evolving with technology. Instagram is a brand that understand that a good business must have a great business story.

Your branding should have a voice that imitates your company’s culture and beliefs. This is what makes things interesting for your users and will make them think about your brand’s effort to continue to improve their services.

Recognise Your Audience

Changing your brand could affect how your target market behaves. Drastic changed to your branding could confuse loyal customers, therefore, it is important to develop a clear understanding of who your target is. Make sure your brand appeals to them as they are the ones giving your business purpose.

Be A More Dynamic Brand

Be A Better Brand- From Marketing Strategy to Logo Design 3Good brands change, develop and grow over time. Technology is changing and in recent years’ brands have made their logos flatter to suit flat screen technology. Logo Design Brand Repeat Logo suggest that:

“Love, at first sight, is real when it comes to online browsing Much like a logo your web design is front door to your brand! To enhance your business’ selling potential you must ensure that your appearance and functionality online is maximised to its full potential.”

If you are building a brand that has structure and back bone, then it will be able to adjust to technological changed without losing that strong foundation.

Investing in Your Brand

In the current business climate start-ups and micro-businesses believe that marketing is needed to survive and if your business is not applying aspects of marketing to your business then it will be over before it has even begun. Digital Designers, Forty believe that:

“Marketing is food. It’s the regular, sustained nourishment that gets your business where you want it—and keeps it there. You need it throughout the day, every day.”

Starting off with a high standard of branding sets any business on a good course. Make sure you are committing time and resources to get things right is more than worth the effort.

Make sure that you and your employees have a clear vision for where your business is going. As a whole you will all be able to create a branding strategy which is suited to the future of your millennial business.

Melissa Lang is freelance writer from Glasgow, Scotland. She is currently working for Repeat Logo and has a keen eye for all things design.

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2 Responses
  1. Brand seems to be an often confused topic. Rightfully so because the term branding does get thrown around fairly loosely.

    As you said, a logo is not a brand and a brand is not anything you can actually design. I recently wrote on it in our blog, but the gist is this: your brand is the all encompassing essence of your business. Everything your business does is a reflection of that brand. Even deeper than that, the brand is actually what others think of it. It’s that fuzzy feeling you get when you think of Winnie the Pooh or the greasy feeling you get when you think of McDonalds. Taking control of your brand means putting everything in line with your brand promise and diligently making sure that it is coming across as you intend.