Beyoncé shares inspiring new ‘Freedom’ video for International Day of the Girl

Beyoncé’s single ‘Freedom’ has released a new video to shine a light on some of the troubling issues confronting girls all over the world. 

The video, entitled #FreedomForGirls, been released to mark this year’s International Day of The Girl and is by UNICEF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It confronts many of the issues facing girls globally, including child marriage, access to education, healthcare and sex trafficking. This year’s video sees girls from all over the world dancing to the song, interspersed with facts about these challenges.

Speaking about the video, Melinda Gates said Beyonce’s anthem reflects girls’ “spirit and determination”.

“I believe that empowered girls transform societies. Their future is filled with possibility, but continued progress is not inevitable,” said Gates.

“Millions of girls still face barriers to their health, education and prosperity, just because they are female. But I’m hopeful because I’ve met so many girls who are already fighting for change in their communities. They know that an equal world is a greater world, for everyone, and this film reflects their spirit and determination.”

The #FreedomForGirls film follows 2016’s Global Goals film #WhatIReallyReallyWant.

“Last year’s film, which focused on women, was joyful, playful and optimistic. The global political landscape has changed dramatically in the last year — a warm celebration of female solidarity is no longer enough,” said MJ Delaney, the film’s director.

She continued: “This year’s film is defiant and demands change, with much younger girls giving a voice to a whole generation of little girls for whom it’s imperative that the Global Goals are met by 2030.

Last year we marked the twentieth anniversary of Girl Power. This year we’re celebrating a new and different generation of powerful girls, using the protest anthem of the moment, Beyoncé’s Freedom – because what we need now is action.”

As part of International Day of the Girl, girls took over the positions of more than 600 of leaders in 60 countries.

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