Bistro du Vin, Soho

Hard on the heels of Hotel du Vin’s first standalone restaurant in London comes this new 120-seater in the heart of hip Soho. Like all branches in the HDV chain it has its own character
style, although the French moniker is rather deceptive: the food is a seasonal/local/eclectic hybrid the wines are from all over the planet, with not even an Old World bias. Francophiles can
order oysters or judiciously seasoned steak tartare, then sole bonne femme or crispy lamb’s sweetbreads with a bottle of unoaked Chablis, while others might make a detour for steamed steak
onion pudding washed down with a glass of New Zealand Syrah; alternatively, splash out on some sizzling roasted crustacea or a Donald Russell rib-eye off the Josper grill. There’s no mistaking the
quality of the produce – you can even wander through the picturesque ‘cave à fromage’ to choose your cheese.

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