Boots ‘breaking’ cheaper morning-after pill promise, say 130 Labour MPs

contraceptive pill
In a letter from over 130 Labour MP’s, Boots have been accused of breaking their promise to provide a cheaper morning-after pill.

In July, the pharmacy were criticised for refusing to lower the price of it’s emergency contraception, only to later promise a cheaper alternate in all of it’s stores.

However, just 69 Boots branches stock the inexpensive contraception, out of 2,500 shops.

Despite Boots claiming it is doing “all it can” to roll the service out nationally, over 130 Labour MP’s have written a letter saying they are ‘deeply concerned’.

Boots have said they didn’t want to encourage ‘inappropriate’ usage, words which Labour MP Jess Phillips said ‘infantilised women’.

The pharmacy then charged £28.75 for the branded Levonelle contraceptive and £26.75 for its own version.

Tesco currently sells Levonelle at £13.50 and Superdrug’s own brand product for £13.49.

Shadow public health minister Sharon Hodgson, who led the 130 MPs in writing the letter, said she cannot understand why the UK’s largest high-street pharmacy doesn’t stock a cheaper alternative.

“We are deeply concerned that Boots are either unable or unwilling to deliver on your pledge,” she wrote.

“Over the Christmas period many women struggle to access contraceptive services and their usual family planning method.

“Clearly, pharmacy access to emergency contraception is of an even greater importance in December and January.

She continued: “Whilst Boots say they have started the process of rolling out this product in the stores, the progress they have made so far can only be described as a drop in the ocean with a long way to go before it is accessible in each of their 2,500 stores across the country.”

Boots have blamed the delay on a batch failure, the BBC reported.

“Unfortunately the manufacturer has experienced a batch failure due to quality issues which means that the stock we were expecting is not now available, and we are now waiting for a new batch to be produced,” a spokeswoman said.

“We thank our customers for their continued patience and reassure them that we are doing all we can to roll this service out to all our stores as soon as possible.”

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