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Projects to challenge you. People to inspire you. Training to develop you. As one of the most successful energy companies in the world, with operations in over 70 countries, BP offers everything you need for a rewarding career. Join us, and you’ll be making a visible difference to global energy supplies, now and in the future.

A career at the forefront of innovation

Our extraordinarily complex business depends upon continuous innovation and our ability to leverage science and technology. This means you can expect to work on some of the most technically, commercially and financially challenging projects within the energy sector – or any other sector for that matter.

In our upstream business alone, we have 10 flagship technology programmes, each of which is re-defining the industry in its own way. Take our world-leading biofuels business, for instance, which converts sustainable feedstock to energy. Or there’s our Field of the Future programme® which uses digital, sensing and control technologies to enhance real-time operating efficiency and recovery.

But above all, safety is our primary focus. Nowhere is our commitment to innovation more evident than in the way we constantly strive to improve our safety levels, for our people and the planet. We use the latest technology to assess and manage risk. For example, our new wireless probes provide state-of-the-art corrosion monitoring and management in all our refineries.

A culture of collaboration and respect

BP brings together over 80,000 people from around the world to achieve common goals. Whether working across teams, functions, countries and even continents, you’ll enjoy access to some of the most brilliant, passionate minds in the world. Equally, you’ll be valued for the skills, experience and expertise you add to the mix.

Our values and the way we work make a real and visible difference to our people every single day. Collective success is rewarded and diversity is highly valued. So whoever you are, we’ll welcome your ideas and opinions and trust you to do your job. And you can expect to be treated as you would treat others: with genuine respect, informal politeness and total consideration.

Skills to equip you for an ever-changing industry

BP continues to evolve and grow within the ever-changing energy industry. To be competitive, we need a highly skilled workforce. That’s why we’ll make sure you have every resource to keep your knowledge and expertise fully up-to-date.

We are totally committed to your learning and development. In fact, we invest $500m every year on training our people through a range of programmes. As a postgraduate you can join our Future Leaders Programme, which will equip you with the expertise to take us into the future. Or, if you’re a graduate, you can join the Challenger programme – a robust, world-class development programme that you’ll follow in the first two to three years of your BP career.

Whatever your role, and wherever you’re based, you can expect a wide variety of learning tools. As well as formal training, much of which is provided by BP employees with decades of experience, you’ll receive one-to-one coaching and learn on the job alongside talented colleagues. A mentor will be available to help you settle in and guide your development. And, as your career unfolds, you’ll have regular performance discussions with your manager to track your progress.

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