Breast Cancer Awareness: Secondary. Not second rate.

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To mark Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day (13 October) Breast Cancer Care are asking people to email the new Minister responsible for cancer (David Mowat MP) to make sure he knows about this incurable disease, and the lack of support patients are currently receiving.

Secondary breast cancer is when breast cancer cells spread to other parts of the body, such as the bones, liver, lungs or brain. It can be treated and people can live with the disease for a number of years, but it can’t be cured and sadly 11,600 women die from it each year.

There can be many looming uncertainties for women living with this disease. What’s more, far too many are not getting the care and support they need to live with the disease for as long as possible. Two thirds of hospital trusts in England are not collecting consistent and robust data, which makes it difficult to plan the services their patients need. This means that care for those living with this disease is often second rate compared to people with primary breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Care’s Secondary. Not Second Rate. campaign has highlighted a number of problems with poor care, delayed diagnoses and a lack of data on secondary breast cancer. For instance, 42% of people with secondary breast cancer do not feel their overall care is well-managed and well-coordinated – and they are often left to navigate the complex healthcare system alone. And worryingly, 58% of people asked were not aware of the signs and symptoms to be aware of.

Help Breast Cancer Care put this on the Minister’s agenda so that everyone living with secondary breast cancer gets the care and support they need to live as well as they can for as long as they can.

Please join the #NotSecondRate campaign by emailing David Mowat MP using this quick and easy online form.

To find out more about Breast Cancer Care’s Secondary. Not Second Rate. Campaign visit



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