Brexit: A girl’s best friend

A Plan for Capitalising on Business Opportunities in Post-Brexit Britain.

Maybe that should read, “Brexit: A Smart, Entrepreneurial Woman’s Best Friend.” Because, you see, Brexit isn’t good for everyone—only for those daring enough to look forward and rise above the chaos.

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Most of the world has eyes on the UK right now. And most women entrepreneurs and business owners are busy arguing about political and economic issues…even suggesting that Brexit is the fulfilment of an apocalyptic prediction. However, there’s another camp: A camp of forward thinkers with a different approach. They are choosing to take this opportunity—whilst their competition is preoccupied with Brexit arguments—to either create a global brand or to transform their regional brand to a global one.

The doom-and-gloom argument is an impractical one. Right now, most of your competition have their heads buried in the Brexit sand. Will the government provide aid to those businesses in need of financial support? Will exceptions be made for those EU employees who, according to the referendum, now have to leave the UK? Will regulations make setting up shop outside the UK impossible…or is that the way to go? These are just some of the questions that are distracting your competition.

So what will you do whilst they’re distracted? Whether you already have a business or you’re thinking about starting one, you’re going to get moving and turn that regional venture into a global sensation. Here’s how:

Study the markets in other countries. There is a very good chance that your ideal clients are working and living outside Britain. Think about it: Even if you’ve already found ideal clients here, the pool of clients available to you globally means the chances of you finding clients that are even more ideal are phenomenal.

Start with your most promising region. Which country’s citizens most often experience the problem you solve? Which one’s citizens are most willing to pay what you’re worth? And which one’s business taxation and regulations are tolerable? Do your ideal clients in that country speak your language—and if not, are there ways to easily overcome that barrier? This country will be the place to put your stake in the ground.

Choose just one stake. Speaking of putting your stake in the ground, please choose just one. It has never been more important to specialise. In a regional market, you may have felt obligated to branch out, in order to acquire enough clients to net a profit. Now, there will be more clients available to you, and the more laser-focussed your offering is, the more clear your message will be and the greater expert status you will accrue.

Forget about the size of your business. In the past, companies had to grow [significantly] within their own countries before they expanded into international markets. Now, thanks to technology, any size company can become a global brand.

Research cultural differences. In the UK, red is a colour with a positive connotation. In other countries (like South Africa and Celtic regions), red is indicative of mourning and death. Likewise, words take on different meanings in different countries, even when there is no vernacular language barrier. Do your homework in these areas—because the last thing you’ll want to do is introduce your brand to a new region and offend those you’re targeting.

Grab the domain names that will apply to your new global (or regionally expanded) brand. If your website currently has a suffix, you’re bound to experience some click challenges. Avoid this problem by purchasing your brand’s domain name with regional suffixes or generic (global) ones.

Take full advantage of the attention Brexit has afforded your brand. The people of the world are watching British businesses. They want to know what they’ve been missing. They want to know how their problems will be solved in new, creative ways. They want to know what types of fresh experiences they can have—experiences they may have never dreamt of. Give them that. Whilst their eyes are focussed, put your brand in front of them. And do it now, whilst the others have their heads buried in Brexit.

Post-Brexit Britain is offering a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for women who are thinking about returning to the workforce, starting their own business or revamping an existing one. Not only is this your chance to take your company to the global marketplace, it’s your chance to get visible in way that will put your business on the fast-track to entrepreneurial growth.

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