Bringing out the designer in you

Serene Interior Design1Interior design is synonymous with luxury and extravagance à la Louis XIV.

That in itself can detract people, especially in this economy, from creating and enjoying aesthetically pleasing interiors. However, creating a tasteful interior/home is attainable, recession or no recession. It’s about creativity and daring to be different, by creating a truly unique and individual space/home.

Tips on how to Plan a Home Interior Design and Decorating Project
  • The first thing to do, and probably the most practical step is to make a decision about how much money you wish to spend on your home decorating project, if any.
  • Set your budget and target date for project completion, and avoid the temptation to keep adding to the room design as you go! That always increases costs.
  • Pace yourself, e.g. concentrate on an area or room at a time, instead of the house as a whole, and be okay with the idea that you won’t necessarily get it all done at once.
  • Decide on the type of décor and design you want; including colour scheme, decorating theme, and the moods you want to create in each area or room. To help you decide you can examine your lifestyle, what you wear, eat and like e.g. do you prefer contemporary over classic/vintage? Familiarity over exotic? Do you like nature? All this will help to inform your design decision.
  • Keep a wish list, and do not be afraid to have an extravagant one, some things might be cheaper than you think, and it’s okay to dream.
  • Look out for cheap finds (from the high street sales, charity shops, car boot sales or even Ikea) that look expensive.
  • Look at the contents of each room with a fresh eye. Sometimes simply by rearranging base pieces of furniture and adding a few new accessories, the desired effect can be achieved.
  • Use quick and economical decorating solutions by using accessory items such as a wall art, custom mirrors, decorative throw cushions, vases and lamps.
  • Plan to have bespoke, soft furnishings like decorative cushions, throws, wall canvases and lamp shades in co-ordinating fabric. You can achieve this cheaply by sourcing fabric remnants, fat quarters or simply recycling old sheets or your vintage dress, and ask for a make up service only, which is affordable, unless you want to take it to the tailors of Savile Row.

HandmadecushionWith some helpful tips it’s possible to achieve the best look on your own, alternatively you can allow a trained interior designer to release the designer in you. We are all now comfortable with the idea of hiring a Personal Trainer to kick start our gym routine. Why not engage the services of a personal designer to move your design plans to the next level? You can get a lot of value from hiring a designer, and the right designer will save you expensive mistakes, create a tailored design plan, provide resale advice, purchase furniture for less, and know where to shop, saving you money and time.

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