Build a Career with WorldPay – Harrogate, Yorkshire

WorldPayCall Centre & Customer Service

Any time you pay for something with your debit or credit card there’s a pretty good chance Worldpay bought it for you.

When you buy your dinner or fill up at the petrol station or go clothes shopping the businesses you buy things from can’t just take the money from your account. In fact they use global payments experts like Worldpay to manage the difficult, techie stuff for them. And we’re very good at the difficult, techie stuff.

We’re actually responsible for almost half the transactions that happen in the UK so you’ve probably used us today already!

What do we look for?

So what do we look for? Well, you’ll need a great attitude and a strong work ethic to start. Putting the customer first means everything we do at Worldpay is strongly focused on quality. Whatever your role or experience you will take pride in your work and be prepared to go the extra mile to deliver excellence. Skills are important to us – previous experience in customer service, administrative or sales role is very useful – but we’re about more than that. As a business continually looking to improve things it’s also about your potential. Do you have the capacity to help us drive the business forward? If so we’ll support you and your development every step of the way… the only limitation to a great future is your own ambition. So whether you have twenty years experience or are just starting out in the world of work, there’s a world of opportunity at Worldpay. So why not find out more and submit your CV today.



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