Business book release – The Team Formula by Mandy Flint and Elisabet Vinberg Hearn

The Team Formula is not a typical business book in any way. In the busy jungle of leadership books, it stands out for two main reasons – it’s written in an entertaining story format and it’s written by two successful businesswomen.

“If you are going through any team changes, amalgamating team or about to manage a new team……read this first.”

Banking Manager, UK

“Mandy and Elisabet successfully managed to write a book about one of the most common subjects in a new, fun and simplistic way”

Marketing Director, Stockholm

“As a Senior Finance Executive, I wish I had Mandy and Elisabet’s insights when I started my career. They both know how to get at the differences between managing people vs. leading people.”

Chief Financial Officer, New York.


In the story of Stephen, a leader who is struggling to get his team through the thorny maze of teams, Mandy and Elisabet have packaged their professional secrets to team success, which every leader and every team member can draw inspiration and practical ideas from.

This is a quick, must-read for any organisation. The book offers a fun, engaging and informative experience, providing opportunities for reflection as well as valuable ideas that can be implemented immediately. The story tempts the reader, to look at him/herself and ask the questions: What choices am I making? How does this apply to me and my team? What am I doing to make this team work? The reader can easily relate to the characters and real-life situations. Everyone will recognize a part of themselves, as well as their colleagues, so you want to know what’s going to happen next: It’s a page-turner. The book uniquely highlights the feelings and emotions of the leader, which is probably why every reader so far has felt as if the book was somehow written about them!

Video of Virtual Launch

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teamformula-authorsAbout the Authors

Mandy and Elisabet started their collaboration when they both held senior leadership positions at American Express’ European head office in Brighton and have gone on to run their own successful international businesses in the UK and Sweden since 2000-2001. They have coached and developed executives and teams all over the world in leading global organizations as well as smaller, local companies and associations.

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