Business Branding: Standing Out From the Crowd

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or the head of a business – no matter the size – you’ll know there are a huge number of factors that contribute towards a successful career. From your company name to the presentation of your team, if you’re running a business, you’re promoting a brand – business branding and consistency is key.

Business BrandingRegardless of your industry, branding is integral to the success of your business. So whether you’re an SME, a corporate retailer or an event exhibitor, we’re bringing you some actionable tips designed to help you harness bold branding, boost business and, ultimately, maximise your ROI.

Why branding matters

Powerful and cohesive branding is at the heart of any successful business – and from bespoke business cards to eye-catching visual assets, branding your business is all about immersing your audience in a cohesive experience. A recognisable brand brings with it a number of benefits. From building trust and credibility to encouraging ongoing custom and referrals, your visual strategy counts.

While aesthetic elements can undoubtedly create brand recognition, a branding strategy involves more than just logos and images and should ripple out into your business goals and vision for the future of your company. As a business, building a strong reputation is crucial to your success and this all starts with a powerful brand strategy.

Building your brand strategy

Before you put pen to paper on your brand strategy, it’s important to think about what you want to be known for. In business, first impressions count – and whatever your industry, it’s essential you understand the connection you’re looking to make with your audience.


In the retail space, foot traffic is key to driving sales – and this includes everything from growing the number of customers that visit your store to encouraging sales by implementing engaging point of sale displays. As industry pressure builds and businesses strive to stand out from the crowd, nurturing your brand should be at the heart of your business strategy. From window decals and flyers designed to increase foot traffic to in-store posters and strategically placed dump bins driving sales at the till point, your customers are taking a journey with your brand. And in the increasingly competitive retail space, there’s no room for complacency – so research and re-evaluate your approach to branding at every given opportunity.


Showcasing at an event is all about making sure your brand is noticed – and this starts with your event design. There’s much more to a brand than a recognisable logo and colour scheme – but cohesive branding should still be a key part of your overall strategy. From your colour palette and graphic displays to your social media accounts and in-house team, a holistic approach to event marketing will help you to immerse your audience in a multi-dimensional brand experience.

Taking the lead

From outlining your business values and beliefs to targeting your relevant audience, branding is fundamental to the success of any business – and consistency is key. Establishing and nurturing relationships with customers is essential when it comes to driving your business forward. In order to stay one step ahead of the competition, thinking outside the box is crucial – and from smaller, more niche businesses to corporate enterprises, no two strategies will be the same.

As a digital marketing expert and co-founder of Communications Axis, Lilach Bullock knows all about the importance of branding – drawing on social media channels like Twitter to help enhance her business presence online. Growing her following and becoming a well-established online presence has helped Lilach boost her business while juggling motherhood, rightfully earning her spot on Forbes’ list of top 20 female social media power influencers – and she’s not alone.

Thanks to her trademark sunglasses and frosty persona, Anna Wintour is the most renowned woman in fashion. Grabbing a spot as an influencer on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour 2015 Power List, Anna is a brand in her own right – and her drive and determination has propelled her towards business success. With more than 25 years’ experience as Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief, this famous female has won numerous awards for her contributions to journalism and fashion – proving that gender knows no limits when it comes to taking the lead in business.

With a number of exciting avenues for your company to pursue, presenting a united front when it comes to your branding is the first step for women looking to propel their business towards success in 2016.

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