Business in the Community launch their “Same But Different” project

Same but Different is a creative project from Business in the Community; a collaboration between their gender equality campaign and and photographer Leonora Saunders.

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The project aims to show realistic viewpoints of a diverse female workplace. Same but Different project believes that imagery and language about women in work tend to focus on the experience of just a few – typically, white women working in corporate roles – and they want to shift that viewpoint into it’s true representation.

Business in the community aim to show the differences between women, and show how women do not all share the same experiences and challenges. A female’s experience at work may be influenced by several identity aspects, such as race, age, sexual orientation, disability, income etc.

Through this, Business in the Community wants to bring to life the concept of intersectionality. This concept discusses how a black woman’s experience in the workplace may be different to that of a white woman, and the same applies for classes and disabilities.

The project will provide a platform throughout 2017 for all women to tell their unique stories. Alongside the featured women in the exhibition, Business in the Community will continue to gather stories from women about their identity, intersectionality and gain insight on what it’s really like to be a working woman.

The exhibition will be at London City Hall, running from today until Friday 10 March, including International Women’s Day (8 March), and is free to attend.

Find out more about the project or share your story here

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