Calling all PROFESSIONAL MOTHERS about to go or already on, MATERNITY LEAVE | 13/05/2015 – Maternity Returner Class

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Women learning to manage their maternity leave like a project and to take control of it and have a strategy

Calling all PROFESSIONAL MOTHERS about to go or already on, MATERNITY LEAVE. Would you like to learn;

  • How to empower yourself through the Maternity Leave process with the skills and confidence to help you sustain a long, successful career more easily?
  • How to identify the skills you have developed as a mother and ensure these make you even more outstanding in the workplace?
  • How to complete your flexible working application and be successful in your request for flexible hours?
  • Exactly what your employment rights are?
  • How to better achieve that elusive balance between managing a career and being a good mother?
  • What to consider when deciding whether to have a change of career to a more flexible or child friendly career?

If so, why not attend one of our intimate ‘Maternity Returner’ classes and meet like minded women who can become part of your support network during your return to work?

Sarah-Gerth - Maternity MattersSarah Gerth, Director of Maternity Matters, has over 15 years experience of coaching women through the maternity leave process.

Class details

The next class will be run by her on; Wednesday May 13th, Sloane Square, Chelsea. Introductory offer £50 for 2.5 hour class, normally £100

If you would like to attend please contact [email protected] or visit for more details and testimonials. Or just contact us for any general help, advice and coaching regarding any challenges you are facing with your return to work after Maternity Leave.

‘Coming from a small company, with no maternity policy, I had no idea what my rights were or how to negotiate my return to work. Sarah was such a huge help, breaking it all down and giving me the confidence to speak to my boss about the various options that were available. Maternity Matters is a wonderful organisation that helps women work out how best to return to the workplace without compromising their time at home.’ Sophia, Global Brand Communications Manager, London

‘I found the section on empowering yourself through the maternity leave process particularly useful, as it focussed on the positives and the transferable skills gained from motherhood and maternity leave. The class has helped me prepare for my return and the advice on negotiating flexible hours, was invaluable. Sarah was very personable and her years in HR really showed.’ Georgie, Assistant Director, London

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