Can a B2B Startup Afford Not to Have a Cloud Computer System?

Cloud computingThe B2B sector is one of the growth successes of the last decade or so, and one of the main reasons for this is the advances that have been made in computing and communication.

It is the adaptation of technology has helped B2B growth continue, and the access that has been granted to the global market for any business, has made businesses that may have stagnated in previous times flourish today. Would it be possible for a business that does not use cutting edge technology to keep up with one that does? The answer to that is undoubtedly no. Startup businesses need to get to the head of the pack if they are to succeed, and that is why they need to have the most advanced features. One of the latest advances that B2B is using at the moment is cloud computing and in an article in Forbes magazine, Joe McKendrick states that four out of five small businesses will soon run on a cloud computer system, and let’s face it, most startups are small businesses.

So, the main question here is obvious. How can a cloud computing system help you with your B2B startup? Here are a few of the more obvious reasons that you should be thinking about if you are starting your own B2B and want to see it grow.


One of the major stumbling blocks that startup businesses meet is that of capital outlay, and unless you have a very friendly bank manager or investors to fall back on, you will be looking at your spending very carefully. One of the great thing about cloud computing is the way it reduces initial outlay for a business. You no longer need to buy all the hardware and software that is associated with a business that relies so heavily on technology and communication. You will also no longer need to buy the licenses that are usually associated with multiple users. You can now simply talk to a reputable cloud computer partner about your needs and everything will come in a single package. Of course you will still need to pay, but with the availability of one off payments or monthly billing you can tailor payments to your particular budget.


No matter where you are in the world, and no matter what time of day it is, you and your staff will be able to access your system. At home siting at a computer, in Starbucks drinking coffee with your laptop, or on the train with a tablet, you will have everything at your fingertips. This convenience can be set up as a fully functioning system in one day, and from London to Londonderry, all your staff can have access.


It is unlikely that your business will have exactly the same demands put on it every day of the year, and a cloud computer system takes account of this for you; saving you money as it does so. With a cloud system you pay for what you use, so if your business is seasonal, you will not be paying all year round for things you do not need. You will only pay for the applications that you are using and the storage that is warranted. Obviously, in the future you will want to be expanding, and here to the scalability of a cloud computer system is invaluable. Instead of planning ahead for months and investing extra money in the business, a simple call to the supplier could have the extra facilities available in the blink of an eye.

B2B is using at the moment is cloud computing and in an article in Forbes magazine, Joe McKendrick states that four out of five small businesses will soon run on a cloud computer system, and let’s face it, most startups are small businesses.


Running alongside the scalability, you also have the flexibility of the cloud computer system. This flexibility allows you to alter your workload, staffing levels, and even the type of work you do, without the worry of having to implement a new computer system yourself. If you want to open an office in New York and Mumbai on the same day, your computer system would be flexible enough to be able to manage it, and this surely the kind of flexibility any forward looking business would want.

Business Partners

When you are starting your business, you will want to be encouraging possible business partners in any way that you can, and inviting them into parts of your system will show them that you are confident about your business. They will be able to see where their order is in your system and they will also see how efficiently their order is being processed, and this openness will impress no end. Of course, this idea is a great one to expand and a great way to connect several B2B together in one system. Imagine working with several different B2Bs that could track orders around the Globe, and change requirements at the drop of a hat. That is surely a way to encourage others to use your B2B startup

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