How can you truly be in control?

Woman Juggling Her LifeI hear so many people in their 30s talk about wanting to be in control of the different aspects of their life: career, relationships, friendships, knowledge, happiness and so on. Yet, they complain about being tired, lack of time, lack of real friendships, lack of support just to name a few things.

We really want to be in control but it is not possible without actually listening to our body and hearing the screams of desperation – ‘feed me, nourish me, let me rest, look after me’. I learnt a very valuable lesson a few years ago: being in control is worth nothing without looking after myself and my own body.

No matter how much I wanted to be in charge of outside things, my body was not able handle the every day duties and commitments, in simple words – I was going nowhere! I don’t remember exactly when I stopped listening to my body, it is not a decision we suddenly make one day. I forgot to put myself first, living on coffee and food which did not nourish me pushing through tiredness because it felt like I did not have enough time to do everything I wanted to achieve.

Can you relate to this?

Of course you can! You wouldn’t be this far down the article if you didn’t. Most of us start to experience this by the time we turn 30, our body is not able to handle as much pressure as it used to.

Let me share a secret with you!

The best way to actually be in charge is to start with your own body and mind. When you wake up in the morning feeling alive and full of energy after a great night sleep, you will be in a place where you truly become the driver of your own life. What you can achieve and get out of every 24 hours will elevate, fulfill and recharge you. That ‘lack of time’ feeling changes into ‘there is enough time’.

The first step on this journey is stabilizing your energy levels. Once you are in charge of that, so many other things in your life fall into place. But most importantly that constant juggling we do on a daily basis becomes easier and easier!

Step no1: Stop and monitor

The only way to be in charge of your own energy levels is to stop and monitor what is happening to your body every day. I promise you, it is not that difficult. Once you sit down  and think about your habits, they become very clear. Write them down in a notebook and add how each of them affect your every day life: makes you feel tired, energizes you, makes you feel frustrated, causes a headache and so on. I want you to really observe how your body reacts, this is the time to be really honest with yourself.

Step no2: Acknowledge the fact that you are unique

Having heaps of energy is much more than the latest ‘celebrity’ diet, the ‘must have’ vitamin supplement or the ultimate ‘exercise routine’. We are all different human beings so we have to take that into consideration as well. There is no quick fix and one size fits all solution! Make a list of the things which give you energy for a longer period of time – not the quick boost of energy. Word of warning: don’t restrict yourself to only what you eat and drink. This is also about how you feel so a stimulating conversation with a friend, reading a book or even listening to your favorite music count too.

Step no3: Time for implementation and planning

Yes, you guessed it: the most crucial part of the process is implementation! Now that you figured out what works, it is time to implement. There will be resistance for sure but at the end of the day it will be worth it! What is the point of understanding your body better if you slip back to the same place as you were before? If you need help and support, reach out and get an accountability buddy, that helps a lot.

As an example: you find that skipping breakfast every morning and getting on a packed train on the way to work is really draining you. My suggestion is planning ahead: buy ingredients for breakfast to last, get up a few minutes earlier to have time to eat, listen to your favorite song or list of songs to change your mood on your way to work. Commit to it for at least three weeks. Your body needs time to adjust and get used to this new routine.

These are very powerful steps. What I discovered and teach my clients is finding their unique way of combining the things they love, adding new things to their current routine they enjoy and help them to listen to what their body is telling them. Sounds a bit unconventional? I suppose it is very different from what most people say and suggest for living a healthy lifestyle! But no, it is not all that ‘bizarre’, the reality is that it actually works for life not just for a short period of time.

If you are ready for change but need support, guidance and help: simply reach out ad let’s have a conversation


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