Can you enjoy your job more and be even more successful?

man1It is the time of year when we look back at the year that has passed and take stock of what we have achieved. But it is also a time when many of us focus on what we would like to achieve in the year ahead.

Whether you have your own business or you are working within a company, tweaking your current job or business to align it more to your strengths, values and interests can lead to more work satisfaction and, ultimately, success.

Here are my top tips to achieve this:

Work out which parts of your job you actually enjoy and are good at, and do more of them. What have you been doing in the day when you have been completely drawn in or the time has flown by? What have you had excellent feedback on? After a long day when do you go home buzzing, what have you been doing? What excites you? What have you done in the past that you don’t do now and would like to go back to doing?

Ask others what your strengths are. We are often blind to some of our strengths, thinking that everyone does what we do well. To overcome this I suggest, in addition to you thinking through them, asking five or six people who know you well to identify what yours are. Once these are established, make sure (if you enjoy those strengths) that you are using them regularly.

Think through your strategy. Take time out (maybe between Christmas and New Year) to think through your strategy for the next year. Who do you want to target, where is your business or department going? What do you want to be involved in moving forward? Take a few hours out to think about this if you can, with no distractions.

Are you developing yourself? Are there areas where you would like to challenge yourself? Are there new areas within your company or business you would like to learn about? What new skills could you learn or develop? What other work would you like to be involved in?

What about your job stresses you out? What leads to you having a bad day? How can you reduce or eliminate this type of work or dealing with these types of people? What frustrates you? Being aware of this will help you to re-shape your role into something more enjoyable.

Outsource your weakness’ and focus on your strengths. Delegate the work that you know is not your forte and focus on the work you do well. This may not be possible all of the time, but hiring a specialist in an area that is not your strength may help long term.

What do you want? Spend time on this. What would you enjoy doing most? What is getting in your way? How can you overcome this? Be selfish and start thinking about what you want from your career (both short-term and long-term), and start moving in that direction.

What are your values? What is important to you in life? Finding out your top 5 or 6 values which are deep-rooted and intrinsically linked to who you are will mean that you can be authentic and honour them within your work. Your overall happiness depends on this.

Build relationships. Internally, externally or with potential clients you may wish to end up working for. Be humble, thankful and excel in front of others. You never know who may offer you future opportunities.

Change your thinking. Albert Einstein said “We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. To change your overall happiness at work you need to start thinking differently. Remember, if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

About the author:

Charlotte BillingtonCharlotte Billington is a professional career coach. With a background in recruitment, career guidance and coaching, she has been advising others on their careers for 20 years. Intuitive, practical and wanting to inspire others; she has a solid business background and experience of dealing with a wide variety of industry sectors for some of the best known companies in London. She decided in 2011 to set up her own career coaching practice.

Charlotte is incredibly passionate about what she does. She has a belief that everyone from any walk of life, when on the correct career path for them, is capable of great things. Her overall purpose is to help others shine in the work that they choose, to enjoy it and most importantly, to get real satisfaction from it.

Charlotte lives in London with her two sons and husband.

This month sees the launch of Charlotte’s exciting new self-coaching book. What to Do Next is a self-coaching career guide designed for anyone, from any walk of life, who wants to make a change in their career, or who wants more job satisfaction in their current role.

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